Tummy Tracker 39 weeks

  My baby is 5 months old and I'm just getting around to writing on my blog. I have several posts started but I'm just having a hard time getting around to finishing them. Kendall isn't the best sleeper, so more often than not I pick napping over blogging ;) So I guess it's true the second kid kinda gets the shaft when it comes to documenting memories, but don't worry I've got lots of Kendall to come!!!

where I left off.....

How far along?:  Would have been 39 weeks. Kendall is one week old
Total weight gain/loss:    gain-23.5   lost- 7lbs 11oz of baby
Cravings:  anything and everything! Nothing like nursing a baby to get your appetite up! So happy to not have a restricted diet.  Right after Kendall was born they would not let me have solid foods until I "passed gas". I was so hungry (it had been almost 24hrs since I had solid food) I lied and said that I did. I totally took my chances doing that, luckily I was able to keep it all down. Desperate times...
Maternity clothes:  yep to cover that squishy post baby bump, one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy.
Stretch marks? : one small one that showed up after I gave birth. UGH so mad. Hope it fades!!
Symptoms: week later and my milk has FINALLY started to come in. I've got the big boobies that girls pay money for, too bad they are not sexy when filled with milk and paired with a squishy belly!
Miss anything? feeling my sweet girl kicking in my belly, knowing that I will never have that feeling again.
Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL! still can't believe it. I love all the girly stuff! so much fun!!!  I love having one of each!
Belly Button in or out: sunken hole, not cute at the moment. My Linea nigra also showed up after I gave birth too. So weird how you can't see it while I'm pregnant.
This week: Taking it easy and getting to know our baby girl. My husband stayed home from work and K went to school for his last week before summer break. My niece Alaina, from Georgia, came for a visit. She was such a great help to us.She kept K entertained so that we could get some rest. K was truly sad when she had to leave.
 How's daddy doing?: need I say more?   J/K he's been a great help.

How's K doing?: Great adjusting to his baby sister with no problems. He's even very protective over her.He doesn't really like it when other people hold her. Once his cousin Nolan was holding her and he came to me saying " mommy I think you should go and get Kendall now, tell him she needs to sleep."
 Oh and he's still a little confused with this whole breastfeeding thing. " why does she drink like that?" "where does the milk come from?" " why does she eat all the time?" He even asked his aunt " do you have milk in your breasts?"

All my Tummy Trackers put together. I can't believe it's all over. It went by so fast!

Another year come and gone.

I was a little worried about Kendall coming when K still had one week left of school, but it actually turned out great. We were able to rest and he was able to keep up his daily routine.

K showing off his baby sister to his teacher Mrs. Adams. We are going to miss her so much next year. words can't describe how much I love this teacher!!

K with his cousin Alaina.
She was so helpful in helping us transition into a family of four. When we were busy with Kendall she was there to give K that extra special attention. Heck, he had so much fun with her I think he  forgot about us at times!

Tummy Tracker 37-38 weeks


How far along?: 37 weeks   FULL TERM!!!
Total weight gain:   23.5  Lost some weight this week and it's been several weeks since I have put any on. Must be with the gestational diabetes diet. No sugar and little carbs. do make a difference. My doctor is okay with this since the baby is still gaining weight.
Cravings:  hot dogs??
Maternity clothes:  yep, but as much as I don't like them I'm really not looking forward to having to wear nursing tops. I remember hating having to plan your outfit around a top that had easy access to your boobs ;)
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: LONGEST/ STRONGEST CONTRACTIONS EVER, just when I'm about to call the doctor they go away. Nighttime is the worst.  My belly takes forever to recover from them and stays hard for what feels like forever.  Every night this week I've been up most of the night wondering  Is this it? Am I in early labor? Do I call the doctor now? It's been so hard to tell since these contractions don't play fair. Some are BH and go away with walking or moving, others are take your breath away strong and continue even with  movement.  Some come at regular intervals for a while and then just stop. So confusing!! One night I was so frustrated with them I just cried. My first hormonal cry of the pregnancy, not bad!! ;) I'm just glad I haven't gone to the hospital each time this has happened, there would have been lots of wasted trips!
The swelling in my legs and feet have miraculously gone away. I haven't had any this week. She must have switched positions relieving the pressure.
Movement:  love to feel those reassuring kicks! I can tell her back is to my left side, and can tell when she sticks her little booty out.
Miss anything? sleep and it's gonna be a LONG time before I get some.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat. K told me that my belly button is not supposed to look like that, it's supposed to look like his.
This week:
I another visit with my OB and stress test. Once again she did well with her stress test.  Her HR was 140. My sugar levels have also been a lot lower this week and I had to increase my carb intake some. Doctor says it could be in response to the increased contractions causing my metabolism to speed up?? who knows.
-This week we also went shopping for a mattress for her crib. My husband took this as a very serious job. He actually laid down and tested each one out himself! We got lots of strange looks.
 - Took my daughter to her very first concert. For the last 12 years my best friend Olivia and I have seen The Dave Matthews Band play every summer and I didn't want this year to be an exception. We usually try and get the front row sanding pit area but opted for the sit down seats further back this year. Our seats turned out to be great because they were front row on an upper level. I was able to sit down for the entire show with out anyone in front of me blocking my view. The VIP parking tickets helped to, I hardly had to do any walking. I was worried about going at 37 weeks but it all worked out great.
- This week we hired a lady to stencil a pattern on the wall of the nursery. It turned out so pretty. I can't wait to get her room finished.
  How's daddy doing?: He's got random nesting going on. I had several things for him to do for the nursery but he decided that moving a huge pile of bricks that we have had in our back yard for the last two plus years had to go. Then his back hurt for the next two days. Stupid bricks.
How's K doing?: K went to his first Texas Rangers baseball game. He had a great time with his daddy and grandfather. They got to be spoiled with suite tickets courtesy of my husband's work company. His dad bought him a new baseball mitt and bat while they were there. He came home so happy it melted my heart. It's one of those moments you dream about when you find out you are having a boy, taking him to a baseball game.

Testing out the mattresses. I didn't know if I should have been embarrassed or just laughed.

Go Rangers!!
 He had school that day and had been up since 7am, but he was so wired from the game he didn't fall asleep until almost midnight!!

Yes call me crazy for going to a concert at 37 weeks pregnant. Funny thing is I wasn't the only one. Each time I went to the bathroom I would meet a fellow preggo ;)

Sneak peek of the stencil pattern in her room.


How far along?: 38 weeks   
Total weight gain:   23.5
Cravings:  sweets, happy knowing it will not be too much longer before I can have them!!
Maternity clothes:  yep and hoping I won't need them for long after she arrives.
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: CONTRACTIONS, especially at night. I think I deserve an award for being the most dilated/effaced while having the most contractions without going into active labor.
Heartburn, can't sleep due to the contractions, back, and hip pain. Having slight nausea.
Movement:  She once kicked me so hard it startled me and made me jump, my husband even witnessed the kick as was shocked as well.
Miss anything? not peeing my pants when I sneeze.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: Got ready for her arrival. - packed my hospital bag. -Made sure all her clothes and blankets were clean. -Set up the bassinet in the master bedroom.- Got my hair an nails done. oh and even hired a maid to give the house a good cleaning. I could so get use to that!!
I also worked on some projects for the nursery. I still have some decorations to add but I think they will have to wait until after she gets here. I just don't have the energy to shop or look around for things.
 How's daddy doing?: Think he's starting to get nervous. He was asking how he supposed to give both of them a bath and put them to bed when I go back to work. I just laughed and told him that we still had time to figure that out and not to worry because other people do it all the time.
How's K doing?:  He's been so much fun lately. He has the best sense of humor. He gets tickled by things so easily. Just watching a cartoon will set him off. His laugh is contagious. 

first and last bare belly shot of this pregnancy.

Thanks to my older sister Maria for setting up and paying for my appointments to pamper myself before little miss arrives.

A little Pinterest project my hubby helped me out on.

So can't wait to be done with you!

My friend Olivia gave me K2's first pair of ballet slippers, so precious!!

My crazy superstition. This is the last balloon left over from the gender reveal. For some reason  I just couldn't pop it and throw it away. It's just been sitting on a shelf  slowly loosing air. We started joking and saying that when all the air is gone it will be time for the baby to be born. Last week it still had quite a bit of air in it but today I found it on the floor with just a tiny bit of air left.......

Tummy Tracker 35-36 weeks

How far along?: 35 weeks   
Total weight gain:   25
Cravings:   soda, I haven't  had one in weeks :( but I guess that's not a bad thing in reality.
Maternity clothes:  yep, finding it hard to find cute comfortable pants though.
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: still having tons of contractions even with the meds I take for themheartburn, difficult getting around, peeing every hour, my hands still hurt, especially when I wake up. Feet and legs have slight swelling.
Movement:  hiccups all the time. I'm starting to be able to feel little body parts, her little knees and feet pushing out.
Miss anything? the ability to just get up and go somewhere, going places seems like such a chore.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: The wonderful ladies at my work threw a baby shower for my friend/coworker Katie and I. We are both expecting our second baby, both of us are having girls, and we even have the same due date! We're just bummed we are not delivering at the same hospital. 
This week my grandmother sent a beautiful socked dress and shoes for her to wear home from the hospital. I love it, it reminds me of the dresses she would get for my sisters and I when we were little.

 How's daddy doing?: K sleeps upstairs while we are downstairs. As you know K pretty much wakes up once every night, usually to go potty. He will call for me because I think he's scared to go to the bathroom alone at night. I don't mind this as long as he goes right back to sleep. He doesn't wear his hearing processors when he is sleeping so he is completely deaf at night. He has no idea if we can hear him so the longer we take getting upstairs the louder he gets when calling us. Anyway as my belly has gotten bigger I haven't been able to be as quick as I usually am so my hubby has been replacing me quite frequently. He now fully appreciates all the nights that have had the night shift duty!
How's K doing?: He's ready for school to be out, lately hes been asking us "is it Friday yet?" He loves spending the weekend with his family.

It's still taking me a while to get use to all this pink!!

My awesome coworkers. Children's does hire some smart good lookin' girls ;)

 My sweet K enjoying a cupcake left over from his sister's shower.

I can't wait to bring her home in this.
perfect little bonnet I found via Etsy to match.

One day we had some major shopping to do at Target and I was fading fast and my contractions were acting up so my husband finally convinced me to use one of the carts.  K thought it was the best thing ever. I'll have to admit it did allow me to get  more shopping done and I didn't feel so totally wiped out afterwards. I feel like such a wimp, but this baby has been kicking my butt way more than K ever did!

How far along?: 36 weeks   
Total weight gain:   25
Cravings:   Milk, chili
Maternity clothes:  pretty much all maternity. It's getting warm now so my selection is limited because I don't want to spend $ on things I will only wear for a week or two. I'm not a fan of how my pregnant legs look in shorts, yuck!
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: difficult getting around, peeing every hour, my hands still hurt and get numb- carpal tunnel during pregnancy?? My feet and legs get extremely swollen which is so weird for me because I hardly swell at any time,even after having surgery. This definitely never happened with K!
Movement:  She's a night owl.  I feel her most at night. Each time I go to the doctor in the morning for my fetal stress test I have to eat crackers and drink cold water to wake her up, otherwise she sleeps though the whole test!
Miss anything? normal clothes.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: I another visit with my OB and stress test. She did well with her stress test. She is tolerating my contractions thankfully. Her HR was 130 and she is measuring 7lbs 6oz ( I doubt she that big already, these measurements can be up to a pound off. I bet she's more like 6.5lbs at this point) I'm 4 cm dilated and 50% effaced.
This week we also celebrated Mothers day. K made me all kinds of sweet presents. We kept it simple and just had dinner with my family that evening. 
 How's daddy doing?: he's started the count down. I love to see him excited abut her birth.
How's K doing?:  He's ready for his sister to get here. All this talk and no action. I told him the other the other day that she was coming soon and he just gave me the look that said "whatever, I'll believe it when I see it!"

With my two sweet Angels. So proud to be their mommy.

Oh how he loves his mommy!!

My amazing Mother.

Mother's day with my boys.

 Sweet Mother's Day gift from K that he made at school.

 I have to document how swollen my legs and feet have gotten. I have terrible pitting edema.
 Quote from my husband: 
"Ewww they're like memory foam!" Um thanks!

Tummy tracker 33-34 Weeks


How far along?: 33 weeks   
Total weight gain: 25.5
Cravings:  cereal
Maternity clothes: Had to bust out a size large in my scrub top for work. Feels like I'm wearing a tent!
Stretch marks? : thankfully no
Symptoms: Still feeling very pregnant and like I could have this baby any minute. Contractions are back and so is the heartburn :( 
Movement:  Not feeling her quite as much, but I think it has to do with her running out of room! She gets the hiccups all the time. I pray that she doesn't have them as much after she is born. Her brother did had them all the time as an infant and it really interfered with his sleeping. So much so that I would  pretty much cry when he got them.
Miss anything? as usual, eating what I want. I miss  you real sugar!
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Had a visit to my OB. She increased my Procardia dose due to my sustained contractions. Checked my cervix and I am dilated to 2.5-3cm!
How's daddy doing?:  being the awesome daddy he is and helping me out with K when my contractions start acting up. I love knowing that he can take care of him with out help. He may dress him funny and feed him lots of junk food but at least I still know he's in good hands ;)
How's K doing?:  I bought a lamp for the baby's room and K said "oh she's gonna love it!!"

My Nephew Nolan and Kemper being silly with balloons.

Here are the plantation shutters we had installed in her room. Hopefully they will help block out some of the west sun that comes into her room. I really want to add a chandelier to her room but living in Texas it's not a good idea to get rid of your ceiling fans!   I found this lamp at Homegoods.  I think I'm gonna add some embellishments to the shade  and make it extra girly.

How far along?: 34 weeks   
Total weight gain:  25
Cravings:   Rudy's BBQ
Maternity clothes:  yep, finding it hard to find cute comfortable pants though.
Stretch marks? : not yet. My friend informed me that hers didn't show up until two weeks prior to giving birth, just when I was thinking I was in the clear. boo.
Symptoms: heartburn, difficult getting around, peeing every hour, my hands hurt?? Can't breathe at night and only at night because my nose gets so stuffed up.
Movement:  hiccups, still not feeling her as much , but just as I start to get worried she gives me a a kick. Good girl.
Miss anything? Being able to squat or bend over, it's such a pain when I drop something. At work most of my patients have chest tubes after surgery that are kept on the floor. I dread bending down every hour to see how much fluid is collected in them.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Sono to check my cervix length.  I'm now 2.5-2.6 which is shorter than last time. She is measuring at about 6lbs 12 ozI also had a fetal stress test and she did very well with it.
 I also had pregnancy brain really bad this week and I managed to give my daughter her first curling iron burn. I was hot after my shower so I did my makeup and hair in just my bra and undies. Bad idea because when I went to put the curling iron down I forgot about my huge belly and lightly skimmed my belly with the hot iron. The skin is so tight and thin it burned immediately. UGH I felt so stupid!
 How's daddy doing?:  Played hooky from work one day due to lack of sleep. It was nice having him home. His father came into town and together they painted a dresser for her room.
How's K doing?:  He gave us a rough week. He kept us up for hours four nights in a row.  He normally wakes up once to use the potty and goes right back to sleep. This week he just refused to go back to sleep. He kept coming downstairs and turning all the lights and then just sat on the living room couch. He really wanted to come sleep with us but we have kept it a rule not to let him sleep in the bed with us. We have heard that once you do, it's impossible to get them to stop and with the new baby coming this is a habit that we did not want to start. Finally on the fifth night I promised him that if he stayed in his bed that Lucky his Elf on the shelf would make a special appearance the next morning and it worked!!
Monster spray that has failed us. Normally it's enough to keep K in his bed all night. Not this week!!

I hope someday she appreciates her Daddy and her Grandpa painting her furniture just for her.

My OB always gets a kick out of seeing my new belly tattoos courtesy of K.  It was so embarrassing having to explain my burn to her.

Having my fetal stress test done.

Tummy Tracker 31-32

04/ 05/13

How far along?: 31 weeks   
Weight gain: 21.8 lbs
Cravings: sweets, soda Such torture! Sugar free just doesn't compare!
Maternity clothes: need to buy more, but don't want to because I hate spending the money with so little time left. Plus the weather will not make up it's mind. One day it is 80 degrees the next 40. I guess that's Texas for ya!
Stretch marks? : thankfully no
Symptoms: dare I say the heartburn is gone?? at least for this week it is!! Still feeling very pregnant, feeling pressure down below and my legs are killing me. I'm having some swelling in my feet and ankles by the end of the day. A Charlie horse in my leg wakes me up pretty much every night, good grief they are painful! I never had them with K.
Miss anything? sleeping. It's almost impossible this week because I am so uncomfortable.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Celebrated my "Baby K's" 4th birthday!! He had the best time.
 My sugars were running a little higher this week so I didn't get to have any of his birthday cake. (okay maybe one bite)
How's daddy doing?:  finally figuring out that he can't get all the house projects done by himself along with all the baby stuff. May have to hire out some help.
How's K doing?:  Two of my girlfriends brought their baby girls to Kemper's party and the next day K asked me " Are we gonna get one of those babies like at my party?" I really think the concept of bringing home a baby is really starting to make sense to him.

How far along?: 32 weeks   
 Total weight gain:  23.6
Cravings: sweets as usual :(
Maternity clothes:  yes, pretty much everything I wear. I must be carrying her completely different than I did with K.  I've gained the same amount of weight as with my last pregnancy but my clothes just don't fit the same. Seems like all my shirts are too short!
Stretch marks? : thankfully no
Symptoms: Still feeling very pregnant. This week this baby feels sooo heavy. I can feel the pressure of her on my bottom and legs. The pressure is so heavy that I'm starting to get the big "H's". By the end of the day my legs look really thick. The contractions are back  and I feel like I could have this baby any minute.
Miss anything? my energy, even taking a bath is a chore.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Had my regularly scheduled sono to check my cervical length. I had been staying steady at 3.8 even with my contractions but this week my cervix shortened to 2.6 and I'm dilated 2cm. Apparently my contractions are making some progress, which is not good. It's sill a little too early. My OB decided to start me on a low dose of Procardia to help relax my uterus and hopefully stop or slow down these contractions.  Little miss is about 5lbs and measuring in the 81%
We also somewhat finished up K's big boy bedroom, got rid of all the baby blue. tear.
How's daddy doing?:  says he's starting to get a little nervous, so much to do!
How's K doing?: He's such a big boy. His vocabulary/speech is getting better each day. He's really starting to think and wonder about things. He's been asking me questions about the hospital, who will be here when the baby comes, and even who is going to give him a bath while I'm in the hospital.He wants his ducks in a row!

My belly, My belly...
K thought his sister needed some stamps too. ;)

We put K's big boy room together, although  I still have a few things I want to do in his room. We had planned on converting his crib to a full sized bed but K really didn't want us to. ( he doesn't really like change) so we compromised and converted it to the toddler. I kinda like it, it gives him more room to play and gives us an excuse as to why we can't sleep in his bed with him at night.

Next week we are having plantation shutters installed to all the windows in the house. I think they will look really nice in his room.

 I kept the same airplane theme. Mommy and Daddy met on an airplane, so I couldn't resist.

He loves his stars, stripes, and airplanes!

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

  • You weigh about 34lbs.
  •  You are tall for your age, so it makes you look like a skinny little thing. ( Don't worry mommy an Daddy were the same way)
  •  You wear a size 10 shoe.
  •  You wear size 3T-4T clothes. (3T fits better but you need the length of 4T clothes)
  •  You rarely nap.
  •  You rarely sleep through the night, but luckily most of the time you wake up it's because you have to potty, and then you go right back to sleep.
  •  You have to use Monster Spray in your room every night to keep out the "scaries".
  •  You have a thing with making sure that all doors in the house are closed, especially closet doors!
  •  You like to eat the same things, it's pretty difficult to get you to try new things.
  •  You are a perfectionist, everything has it's place. You even make your bed everyday and will refill the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom on your own!!
  • You are a creature of habit. Love to have the same routine.
  •  You still hate to be dirty, you will always ask for a napkin when you eat.
  •  You hate to have "crazy" hair so you always let mommy fix it, you love to "spike it up"
  •  You still love Mexican food, it's your favorite.
  •  You are still  are not a fan of ice cream, but love cookies and cake.

  • You love the color red.
  • You love to draw and color. You have an easel that you love to color and write on EVERYDAY.
  • You love to read books with your Daddy before bed.
  • You still have a love for music, you even asked for CD's for your birthday.
  •  You are amazing when it comes to electronics, you know how to turn on the computer and go to You Tube so you can watch cartoons. You know how to work your CD player without any help. You have also figured out how to work the DVR player and love to turn your movies on all by yourself. You have mastered the iPhone, it's amazing to see you use it.
  • You have a great imagination.
  • You have the best memory, you never forget a thing!!

  •  You love your house, you are such a homebody always wanting to be at home with your  parents.
  •  Your favorite cartoons to watch are: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Max and Ruby, and Peppa Pig.
  • You love the movies Peter pan, Beauty and the Beast, UP, ET, Lady and the Tramp. You also still like to watch your old Signing Time videos.
  • You are obsessed with Pirates. Captain Hook is your favorite.
  •  You are so silly and have a great sense of humor. Two days after you turned 4 you made your first fart joke. Mommy couldn't help but laugh.
  • You are the best behaved preschooler around, and you are so polite.
  • You are definitely a rule follower.

  • You love your dog Raider. You always want to know where he is at all times.
  • You have a daily chore of feeding the dog and you do a great job at it and take so much pride in it.
  • You are still not a fan of animals, but are getting better when it comes to dogs other than your own.
  • You are a pretty shy boy. It takes you a bit to warm up, but after you do watch out!!
  •  You go to a school for children with hearing loss 5 days a week and  you enjoy it.
  •  You are said to be "the leader of the class" from your teachers.
  •  You are going to be the best big brother, you love your sister so much already.

Celebrating his birthday at school.

Happy Birthday my "Sweet  Baby K"!!!!
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