Tummy Tracker 35-36 weeks

How far along?: 35 weeks   
Total weight gain:   25
Cravings:   soda, I haven't  had one in weeks :( but I guess that's not a bad thing in reality.
Maternity clothes:  yep, finding it hard to find cute comfortable pants though.
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: still having tons of contractions even with the meds I take for themheartburn, difficult getting around, peeing every hour, my hands still hurt, especially when I wake up. Feet and legs have slight swelling.
Movement:  hiccups all the time. I'm starting to be able to feel little body parts, her little knees and feet pushing out.
Miss anything? the ability to just get up and go somewhere, going places seems like such a chore.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: The wonderful ladies at my work threw a baby shower for my friend/coworker Katie and I. We are both expecting our second baby, both of us are having girls, and we even have the same due date! We're just bummed we are not delivering at the same hospital. 
This week my grandmother sent a beautiful socked dress and shoes for her to wear home from the hospital. I love it, it reminds me of the dresses she would get for my sisters and I when we were little.

 How's daddy doing?: K sleeps upstairs while we are downstairs. As you know K pretty much wakes up once every night, usually to go potty. He will call for me because I think he's scared to go to the bathroom alone at night. I don't mind this as long as he goes right back to sleep. He doesn't wear his hearing processors when he is sleeping so he is completely deaf at night. He has no idea if we can hear him so the longer we take getting upstairs the louder he gets when calling us. Anyway as my belly has gotten bigger I haven't been able to be as quick as I usually am so my hubby has been replacing me quite frequently. He now fully appreciates all the nights that have had the night shift duty!
How's K doing?: He's ready for school to be out, lately hes been asking us "is it Friday yet?" He loves spending the weekend with his family.

It's still taking me a while to get use to all this pink!!

My awesome coworkers. Children's does hire some smart good lookin' girls ;)

 My sweet K enjoying a cupcake left over from his sister's shower.

I can't wait to bring her home in this.
perfect little bonnet I found via Etsy to match.

One day we had some major shopping to do at Target and I was fading fast and my contractions were acting up so my husband finally convinced me to use one of the carts.  K thought it was the best thing ever. I'll have to admit it did allow me to get  more shopping done and I didn't feel so totally wiped out afterwards. I feel like such a wimp, but this baby has been kicking my butt way more than K ever did!

How far along?: 36 weeks   
Total weight gain:   25
Cravings:   Milk, chili
Maternity clothes:  pretty much all maternity. It's getting warm now so my selection is limited because I don't want to spend $ on things I will only wear for a week or two. I'm not a fan of how my pregnant legs look in shorts, yuck!
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: difficult getting around, peeing every hour, my hands still hurt and get numb- carpal tunnel during pregnancy?? My feet and legs get extremely swollen which is so weird for me because I hardly swell at any time,even after having surgery. This definitely never happened with K!
Movement:  She's a night owl.  I feel her most at night. Each time I go to the doctor in the morning for my fetal stress test I have to eat crackers and drink cold water to wake her up, otherwise she sleeps though the whole test!
Miss anything? normal clothes.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: I another visit with my OB and stress test. She did well with her stress test. She is tolerating my contractions thankfully. Her HR was 130 and she is measuring 7lbs 6oz ( I doubt she that big already, these measurements can be up to a pound off. I bet she's more like 6.5lbs at this point) I'm 4 cm dilated and 50% effaced.
This week we also celebrated Mothers day. K made me all kinds of sweet presents. We kept it simple and just had dinner with my family that evening. 
 How's daddy doing?: he's started the count down. I love to see him excited abut her birth.
How's K doing?:  He's ready for his sister to get here. All this talk and no action. I told him the other the other day that she was coming soon and he just gave me the look that said "whatever, I'll believe it when I see it!"

With my two sweet Angels. So proud to be their mommy.

Oh how he loves his mommy!!

My amazing Mother.

Mother's day with my boys.

 Sweet Mother's Day gift from K that he made at school.

 I have to document how swollen my legs and feet have gotten. I have terrible pitting edema.
 Quote from my husband: 
"Ewww they're like memory foam!" Um thanks!

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