I need a hair cut. Bad. Again.

Remember this post? well it's been 2.5 months and I'm ready for another haircut!

Now my uncle thinks I look like Jimmy Neutron!

What do you think?!!

I love going to Cool Cuts 4 kids I get to drive my car and watch Elmo!

look at all that hair!

My cousin Nolan came too.

How do I look?

My mom even bought me my first bottle of hair gel, so I can always look extra sharp!

A stop by the trains before we head home.

Next time we get faux Hawks!!

First words

Here are some videos of K saying his first words. He began saying "Ma ma" right before mothers day. It was the best gift ever.

K's first two word sentence "Da da hat"

Words K is saying at 14mo (3.5 mo hearing)
* out
* Hi
* Bye
* ight (light)
* up
* uh oh
* all done
* eye

Each time he goes into a dark room or sees a closed window he points and says "ight"
(Sometimes he will get the "L", we're working on it;) If you listen closely I think he tries to repeat "tip toes" after I say it.

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