Merry Christmas! 2012

Tummy Tracker 15-16 weeks

How far along?:  15 weeks
Weight gain:  This week ??( 4 total)
Cravings:  salads, tomato juice (actually would really love a bloody Mary)
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans
Symptoms:  nausea, heartburn ( seems too early for me. At this rate my kid is gonna come out looking like a gorilla!!), headaches ( never had them with K)
Gender prediction:  ?? seriously it changes every day.
This week:  Think I felt my first flutters! I felt my first ones with K at 16weeks and they say second time around  some feel them sooner.
How's daddy doing?: Started talking to my belly, just in case ;) We have a 75% chance this baby can hear.
How's K doing?: loves to randomly come up and kiss my belly. He also has started to try to use my belly as a stepping stool when he climbs all over me.

How far along?:  16 weeks
Weight gain:  This week ??( 4 total)
Cravings:  salads, tomato juice, limes
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans
Symptoms:  nausea- dare I say has gone away!!??, heartburn, headaches every day :(
Gender prediction:  boy
This week:  Felt my first little thump. I was leaning on the bathroom counter and I guess he/she didn't like being squished!
How's daddy doing?: "Wow you seem to be getting a lot bigger faster this time around."
Me: "Thanks?"
How's K doing?: Forget about the baby Santa is coming in a few days!
Next appointment: December 27, no sono though :(

Tummy Tracker weeks 13-14

How far along?:  13 weeks
Weight gain: none ( 4 total)
Cravings: orange juice, salsa, sweets
Maternity clothes:  occasionally an old pair of maternity jeans
Symptoms: tired, major growing pains! tail bone hurts?, back hurts, pelvis feels like it's gonna break in two. I've now gone from slight nausea, to getting sick each day.
Gender prediction: can't wait until January to find out!!
This week: It's been a rough week. Just when I thought my symptoms were going to ease up by my 13th week they have increased instead.
How's daddy doing?:Has gone into full Clark Griswold mode, getting the house ready for Christmas.
How's K doing?: He will randomly come up to me and lift my shirt to show my belly and pat my pooch, then just walk off. Cracks me up.

can't get enough!


How far along?:  14 weeks
Weight gain: none ( 4 total)
Cravings: orange juice, salsa, sweets
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans
Symptoms: tired, still have terrible growing pains. Ugh, I never hurt this bad with K. Some days I feel like I'm 9 months along. Not sure what this all about, shouldn't my body all stretched out from the last time?
Gender prediction:  Hurry up January! Visions of nurseries dancing in my head.
This week:  It's my birthday!! Starting to feel old. Especially when I see AMA (advanced maternal age)written on all my pregnancy paperwork. 
 My husband and I went out to eat with some friends that are also expecting their second child a week before us. Afterwards we stopped by my work Holiday party.
How's daddy doing?: He's excited about the baby, says he can't decide which girl name out of our list he likes best, but he has made a decision on our boy name. 
How's K doing?: He's getting ready for this baby too. After going into our spare bedroom (currently used as storage) he said " mommy and daddy you need to clean the baby's room, it's a mess!!

 Surprise delivery of Sprinkles Cupcakes I received from my husband. Just what a pregnant lady craving sweets needs on her birthday!

Tummy Tracker week 12

How far along?:12 weeks
Weight gain: 2 lbs  up 4 lbs total yikes! (114.6)
Cravings: orange juice, salsa, sweets
Maternity clothes:  busted out my old maternity jeans, so much more comfortable than using the Bella band.
Symptoms: slight nausea, tired, peeing a lot, growing pains
Gender prediction:  this week- Girl
This week:  Visited my husband's side of the family and told them our baby news. We dressed K up in his announcement shirt again. Unlike my parents it only took about ten minutes for his mother and stepfather to notice.;) 
    On Thanksgiving day we had dinner at my husband's grandmothers house. She has a tradition of giving a speech and saying a prayer before we eat. So during her speech she was so proud to announce to the rest of the family the impending arrival of her 14th great grandchild. It was so sweet.
   This week we also got to see our little munchkin again. I had the 12 week NT scan and blood work to screen for some possible genetic problems. I'll admit I was extremely nervous. I guess being 35 and considered "advanced maternal age" got me paranoid. In the end everything came back as a very low risk.
 Here are the two pictures we sent to our extended family members that couldn't be with us on Thanksgiving to hear the news.  I sent them a few days before and wrote on the outside not to open until Thanksgiving day!

 Pics from our 12 week appointment. Getting my orange juice fix before, happy news during, and off to a lunch date after.

12 weeks 6 days. Perfect little profile. It's amazing how the last time we saw the baby he/she just looked like a gummy bear. Now we have little arms, legs fingers...

Tummy Tracker 10-11 weeks


How far along?:  10 weeks
Weight gain:  none
Cravings: orange  juice, salsa
Maternity clothes:  nope
Symptoms:  bloated, slight nausea, tired, peeing a lot, growing pains
Gender prediction:  Girl?? heart beat 168
This week:  Exhaustion has set in. I never really had a problem with it when I was pregnant with K but this time around it's kicking my butt.  Thankful for my hubby for letting me sleep in on the weekend. He's been very supportive helping out with K so I can get some extra rest.
Next appointment: November 29 for NT screen.


How far along?:  11 weeks
Weight gain:  none
Cravings: orange juice, salsa, sweets
Maternity clothes:  nope, well does a Bella band count?
Symptoms:  starting to show a little more, slight nausea, tired, peeing a lot, growing pains
Gender prediction:   My family is convinced it's a girl. I don't really have a strong feeling either way.
This week:  Trying to get things done before we leave town for Thanksgiving break. I've been slacking and taking a nap while K is in school which is not helping my productivity!

One weekend morning K and my husband went out for donuts so that they could bring me breakfast in bed. It's not what you would call a breakfast of champions but the baby and I sure did enjoy it!!

Tummy Tracker Weeks 5-9

How far along?:  5 weeks
Weight gain: none
Cravings: orange juice
Maternity clothes: nope
Symptoms:  bloated, cramping, strong right sided pelvis pain.
Gender prediction:  boy? ( had lots of cramping with K)
This week: thinking about telling my parents, especially my mom before she gets suspicious as to why I'm not drinking caffeine.
How's daddy doing?: already nesting, he went on a cleaning binge! love it!
How's K doing?: clueless to it all, just being his adorable self.

How far along?:  6 weeks
Weight gain: none
Cravings: orange juice
Maternity clothes: nope
Symptoms:  bloated, cramping, lower back pain,  still have continuous strong right sided pelvis pain that is making me nervous.
Gender prediction:   lower heartbeat # boy?
This week: Went to see my OB before my original planned 8week visit. Got to see the baby for the first time. I was told to come in for concerns about my side pain. She wanted to rule out if it was an ectopic pregnancy. Turns out I had a small cyst but it was resolving on ts own. He/she had a a strong beautiful heartbeat!! 135
How's daddy doing?: relieved that baby is in the right spot
How's K doing?: starting to wonder what all this baby talk is about.

 6wk 3 days, right where he/she should be :)

How far along?:  7 weeks
Weight gain: none
Cravings: orange juice
Maternity clothes: nope
Symptoms:  bloated, slightly nauseous, lower back pain, right sided pelvis pain
Gender prediction: ???
This week: Told my parents. My mom was starting to ask too many questions. Really wished we could tell my husbands side but we have a rule to do it in person. Need to plan a trip to San Angelo soon.
How's daddy doing?: still nesting, he cleared out his closet and gave tons of stuff away to Good Will
How's K doing?:  talking about the baby a little, seems a little confused as to why it's in my belly.

Shirt we got K to announce to the family, too bad it took almost an hour for my parents to notice it!!
My dad even looked at his shirt and said "guess what?" but never turned him around. Needless to say they were extremely excited once they did see it.

How far along?:  8 weeks
Weight gain:  2 lbs (112.8 lbs)
Cravings: orange juice, oranges
Maternity clothes: nope
Symptoms:  bloated, slightly nauseous, lower back pain,
Gender prediction: Higher heartbeat Girl???
This week: We got to see the baby again. Growing just right. Made a huge decision and ended up switching to another doctor.(this doctor delivered my nephew) Didn't have any major problems with the old one something just wasn't feeling right. We talked about our past experience with K and how it was just blah. We wanted to go with a more personable doctor that didn't dismiss out concerns. Being that I am 35 and  having genetics issues we had a few. ;)


How far along?:  9 weeks
Weight gain: none
Cravings: orange juice, oranges, chocolate pudding
Maternity clothes: nope
Symptoms:  bloated, slightly nauseous, tired, HUNGRY ( especially at 3am)
Gender prediction:  Girl because I already have a boy?? ;)
This week:  feeling pretty good, I have symptoms but luckily they are not bad. I think I was feeling pretty sick by this time with K. maybe I'll skip the bad stuff??
How's daddy doing?: keeps waking up between 3-5am to see me eating a snack in bed.
How's K doing?:  now knows that only girls have babies " I'm a boy! no baby in my tummy!!"

Next appointment:  November 26th 12week visit with OB. November 29th NT scan

just a little late night snack...

Tummy Tracker 4 weeks

Well if you read my last post you know we are expecting baby # 2 early June 2013. I didn't start documenting my last pregnancy with pictures until towards the end, so I decided I would start early this time around.

How far along:  4 weeks
Weight gain:  none
 Symptoms:  slightly bloated
 This week: Just found out about you. I took about 11 pregnancy tests. Crazy I know, but I bought them in bulk and that's how I was able to find out 6 days early! Only daddy and K know.
Gender prediction:  Just excited to be pregnant right now!!

How I told my husband:
I grabbed a hamburger bun from the pantry and put it in the oven. I then called K to the kitchen and told him that I had made a bun in the oven for daddy and that he needed to show it to him. When my husband arrived in the kitchen K happily turned on the oven light and said:
"Look mommy made something for you!"
Husband : "oh wow you have a hamburger bun in the oven!?"
K ( slightly annoyed): "It's not a hamburger bun, it's a bun in the oven!"
Husband  (confused): " Okay yay, you have a bun in the oven?"
Me ( giving the are you kidding me? look): "YES. THERE. IS. A. BUN. IN. THE. OVEN."
Husband: " OH!!! there's a bun in the oven!!!"

I had planned to get this all on video but stupid me forgot to make sure it was charged and it died in the process. :(
yes, this baby was planned as you can tell by my planner, bulk ovulation and pregnancy tests. Something as serious as a baby takes some planning for this type A girl.

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