Much better!!

This is the face of one happy boy. Once we removed his protective ear covers his whole attitude changed. The night we spent in the hospital and the first night home we had to take turns holding him all night long because he could not get comfortable laying down with them on. We were told that we could remove them Monday morning but we made the executive decision to remove them late Sunday night. Once we removed them he instantly became happier. He then went to bed within minutes and slept for twelve hours in a row, in his crib!! His incisions look great and are healing well although his ears are still a little swollen. The incision traces the back crease of his ear and extends a tiny bit above his ear. It looks even better in real life than it does in these pictures.Soon you won't be able to see it at all.

Much Better

Post ear covers, ear muffs, headphones, Princess Leia buns, water polo caps, wrestler ear pads, whatever you want to call them removal.

They made his head so sweaty!

His ears the following day, post cover removal

I think they look great

Can I go back to playing now?

My husband testing them out

Yep really uncomfortable to sleep with ( He's gonna kill me for posting these!)

Baby You're a Star !!

Just in case you missed it here's the link to the the story our local news did on Baby K's bilateral cochlear implant surgery.

The night before our surgeon called us and asked us if it was ok if the Dallas Morning News did a story on us and we agreed. The next morning he said he had made a mistake and it was actually Channel 8 news wanting to do the story. We agreed but laughed because right before we left that morning my husband asked me if he should have shaved ( he normally doesn't have a beard or mustache) and my response was " No,we are going to be stuck in a hospital room all day, no one is going to see us anyway." ha ha jokes on us!! I think it turned out great and it was a great way to bring attention to CI's and educate as well. How could anyone not want to watch such a cute little boy!!

We're Home!

Kemper went into surgery at 7:30am and was done by 11:15. His doctor decided to keep him overnight to be on the safe side because of his young age and because he was implanted on both ears. He had also placed small drains behind his ears to help get rid of the excess fluid to cut back on the swelling. They were removed the following morning. Many children getting CI's go home the same day and do fine but I was glad for the overnight stay just for the fact he was able to get some stronger medicine for pain control. Every few hours he would get really fussy and inconsolable so the tiny little dose of morphine they gave him allowed him to rest. He was also extremely clingy and would not let anyone put him down so I had the nurses bring in a regular hospital bed and my husband and I took turns holding him while he slept through the night. Spoiled boy wanted nothing to do with a crib!

Since we have been home little K has pretty much gone back to his old self. He wants to play with all his toys, but has been having a little difficulty since his balance is just a tad off. It seems like he feels like his head is to heavy for his body, poor little guy! We get to take off his ear covers tomorrow. He's a tummy sleeper and he has been having trouble going to sleep and getting comfortable with those things on his head so I can't wait to take them off. I don't think I can take another entire night holding him in my arms just so he can sleep.
His appetite was great while he was in the hospital, but he hasn't been too interested in eating much since we got home. He seems to be feeling well, I think he would just rather play and not eat.
He still gets pretty fussy at times and I can tell his hurting a little, but I have been giving him alternating Tylenol and Motrin and it has seemed to help.

A little morphine goes a long way!!

I can't believe his surgery has come and gone and it all went extremely well. Thanks to all our family and friends for their thoughts and prayers. Thanks to all my blogger friends for all the information, without it he would not have been implanted so soon. Stay tuned for activation day February 11th!!

Now we wait...

We were all up bright and early at 4am this morning. K's CI surgery was scheduled for 7am but we needed to be at the surgery center by 5am for check in. It took me forever to fall asleep last night, but I finally fell asleep on my soggy tear stained pillow. Sweet little K was sleeping so peacefully when I had to wake him at 4:30, poor baby!

He did so well while the nurses took his vital signs and we put on his tiny little hospital gown. While we were waiting for them to take K to surgery we had a little surprise, our local TV station came by and asked if they could interview us about little K's cochlear implant surgery(as if we were not nervous enough already!!) K was his sweet little self playing with his toys while Mommy and Daddy got interviewed. He got a little cranky towards the end, he had not had anything to eat since 8pm the night before and he was ready for some breakfast!!

Momma what's this?

Shortly after that the surgery team came and I carried little K to the doors of the operating room and let them take my sweet little boy. I cried like a baby. A big hug from my husband and family helped. In my heart I know he will be fine, so for now all we can do is wait...

Mommy getting in all her hugs and kisses

Daddy getting in his hugs and kisses too

With our Miracle worker Dr. Peters

K texting his peeps! I'm gonna be on the news!!

9 Months!!

Sweet Baby K you are 9 months old today!!

* You weigh 19lbs 14oz
* You are 28.5 inches long
* You wear size 3 diaper ( 4's at night)

* You eat baby food 2-3 times a day.
* You are starting to eat some table foods: rice, carrots, potatoes, avocado.
* You take 8oz's of formula about every 3-4 hrs and some of mommy's milk from her stash once in a while.
* You have weaned yourself from nursing. We made it nine months, not too bad!

* You usually take two naps a day ranging from one-two hours each.
* You have had many great nights this past month, sleeping 8am-8pm. (happy happy joy joy!!!)
* You still have to have your paci and be rocked to sleep.

* You love to play, sometimes you pick it over food.
* You must have an audience while you play or you will cry.
* You mimic Mommy and Daddy shaking their head as if to say no.
* You like to throw everything off your highchair and watch it fall.

* You are growing out of your footed onesie pj's everyday.
* You wear 9 month clothing but we are headed torwards 12mo clothing fast!
* You have 7 teeth total (3 bottom 4 on top!)
* You are still not a very good traveler, you get bored very easily.

* You know your first sign MILK!! although you seem to use it for food in general.
* You are getting around like an inch worm, not too interested in crawling.
* You are starting to pull yourself up a little, but not enough to have to lower your crib quite yet.
* You still have the nicknames "Sticky fingers" and "Bear".
* This month we start a new journey with your "new ears" we can't wait for you to hear Mommy and Daddy say I love you!
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