Happy 4th Birthday!!!

  • You weigh about 34lbs.
  •  You are tall for your age, so it makes you look like a skinny little thing. ( Don't worry mommy an Daddy were the same way)
  •  You wear a size 10 shoe.
  •  You wear size 3T-4T clothes. (3T fits better but you need the length of 4T clothes)
  •  You rarely nap.
  •  You rarely sleep through the night, but luckily most of the time you wake up it's because you have to potty, and then you go right back to sleep.
  •  You have to use Monster Spray in your room every night to keep out the "scaries".
  •  You have a thing with making sure that all doors in the house are closed, especially closet doors!
  •  You like to eat the same things, it's pretty difficult to get you to try new things.
  •  You are a perfectionist, everything has it's place. You even make your bed everyday and will refill the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom on your own!!
  • You are a creature of habit. Love to have the same routine.
  •  You still hate to be dirty, you will always ask for a napkin when you eat.
  •  You hate to have "crazy" hair so you always let mommy fix it, you love to "spike it up"
  •  You still love Mexican food, it's your favorite.
  •  You are still  are not a fan of ice cream, but love cookies and cake.

  • You love the color red.
  • You love to draw and color. You have an easel that you love to color and write on EVERYDAY.
  • You love to read books with your Daddy before bed.
  • You still have a love for music, you even asked for CD's for your birthday.
  •  You are amazing when it comes to electronics, you know how to turn on the computer and go to You Tube so you can watch cartoons. You know how to work your CD player without any help. You have also figured out how to work the DVR player and love to turn your movies on all by yourself. You have mastered the iPhone, it's amazing to see you use it.
  • You have a great imagination.
  • You have the best memory, you never forget a thing!!

  •  You love your house, you are such a homebody always wanting to be at home with your  parents.
  •  Your favorite cartoons to watch are: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Max and Ruby, and Peppa Pig.
  • You love the movies Peter pan, Beauty and the Beast, UP, ET, Lady and the Tramp. You also still like to watch your old Signing Time videos.
  • You are obsessed with Pirates. Captain Hook is your favorite.
  •  You are so silly and have a great sense of humor. Two days after you turned 4 you made your first fart joke. Mommy couldn't help but laugh.
  • You are the best behaved preschooler around, and you are so polite.
  • You are definitely a rule follower.

  • You love your dog Raider. You always want to know where he is at all times.
  • You have a daily chore of feeding the dog and you do a great job at it and take so much pride in it.
  • You are still not a fan of animals, but are getting better when it comes to dogs other than your own.
  • You are a pretty shy boy. It takes you a bit to warm up, but after you do watch out!!
  •  You go to a school for children with hearing loss 5 days a week and  you enjoy it.
  •  You are said to be "the leader of the class" from your teachers.
  •  You are going to be the best big brother, you love your sister so much already.

Celebrating his birthday at school.

Happy Birthday my "Sweet  Baby K"!!!!

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