Tummy Tracker 39 weeks

  My baby is 5 months old and I'm just getting around to writing on my blog. I have several posts started but I'm just having a hard time getting around to finishing them. Kendall isn't the best sleeper, so more often than not I pick napping over blogging ;) So I guess it's true the second kid kinda gets the shaft when it comes to documenting memories, but don't worry I've got lots of Kendall to come!!!

where I left off.....

How far along?:  Would have been 39 weeks. Kendall is one week old
Total weight gain/loss:    gain-23.5   lost- 7lbs 11oz of baby
Cravings:  anything and everything! Nothing like nursing a baby to get your appetite up! So happy to not have a restricted diet.  Right after Kendall was born they would not let me have solid foods until I "passed gas". I was so hungry (it had been almost 24hrs since I had solid food) I lied and said that I did. I totally took my chances doing that, luckily I was able to keep it all down. Desperate times...
Maternity clothes:  yep to cover that squishy post baby bump, one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy.
Stretch marks? : one small one that showed up after I gave birth. UGH so mad. Hope it fades!!
Symptoms: week later and my milk has FINALLY started to come in. I've got the big boobies that girls pay money for, too bad they are not sexy when filled with milk and paired with a squishy belly!
Miss anything? feeling my sweet girl kicking in my belly, knowing that I will never have that feeling again.
Gender: GIRL GIRL GIRL! still can't believe it. I love all the girly stuff! so much fun!!!  I love having one of each!
Belly Button in or out: sunken hole, not cute at the moment. My Linea nigra also showed up after I gave birth too. So weird how you can't see it while I'm pregnant.
This week: Taking it easy and getting to know our baby girl. My husband stayed home from work and K went to school for his last week before summer break. My niece Alaina, from Georgia, came for a visit. She was such a great help to us.She kept K entertained so that we could get some rest. K was truly sad when she had to leave.
 How's daddy doing?: need I say more?   J/K he's been a great help.

How's K doing?: Great adjusting to his baby sister with no problems. He's even very protective over her.He doesn't really like it when other people hold her. Once his cousin Nolan was holding her and he came to me saying " mommy I think you should go and get Kendall now, tell him she needs to sleep."
 Oh and he's still a little confused with this whole breastfeeding thing. " why does she drink like that?" "where does the milk come from?" " why does she eat all the time?" He even asked his aunt " do you have milk in your breasts?"

All my Tummy Trackers put together. I can't believe it's all over. It went by so fast!

Another year come and gone.

I was a little worried about Kendall coming when K still had one week left of school, but it actually turned out great. We were able to rest and he was able to keep up his daily routine.

K showing off his baby sister to his teacher Mrs. Adams. We are going to miss her so much next year. words can't describe how much I love this teacher!!

K with his cousin Alaina.
She was so helpful in helping us transition into a family of four. When we were busy with Kendall she was there to give K that extra special attention. Heck, he had so much fun with her I think he  forgot about us at times!

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