Happy New YEars!!

My baby New Year

Hello 2010!! The new year has just begun and we are already starting off with a bang. My husband and I just recently received the news that Baby K's bilateral cochlear implant surgery will be covered by insurance and he will be able to have the surgery before he turns one!! His surgery for his "New Ears" is scheduled for January 22. This all comes after a long letter writing campaign to my husbands company and finding a new surgeon. Just a few short months ago we were stressed and had little hope. We prayed and did our homework and everything fell into place. The real journey begins after January 22. We are nervous, yet excited and hopeful, so bring on the NEW YEAR!!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years.

I had to bring in the New Year at work away from my boys, so I celebrated with all my other munchkins.

White Christmas!!

December 23, 2009: shopping in short sleeves and shorts 76 degrees outside...

December 24, 2009: SNOW!!!!

Only in Texas!!

My husband turned into a kid again

K couldn't wait to try out the toys!

After K went to bed over at grandmas mommy and Daddy went to the midnight Candlelight service at church.

Santa came early!!

Santa and his elf help pass out presents Christmas morning.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Christmas Eve Album

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Santa Baby

Only Nine days left until Christmas and momma just started shopping today!

Hope I don't get this for my present!!

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8 Months !! Happy birthday to us!

Sweet Baby K you are 8 Months old today!!

* You weigh 18lbs.
* You wear size 3 diapers.
* You wear 9-12 month clothing.
* You have four teeth. (two top and two bottom)

* You are sitting up so well.
* You are attempting to crawl, but it's more like an army crawl right now.
* You are so active and love to play.
* You tend to like boxes,papers,remote controls,and phones over your toys.
* You get into everything, and we now call you "sticky fingers".
* You can't have anything taken away from you or you have a fit.

* You love to sit in your highchair because you can see everything.
* You still love to eat. Puffs for snacks are your favorite.
* You now like to go to restaurants and eat out.
* You are still nursing a few times a day, but also getting supplemented with formula.
* You eat baby food 2 times a day.
* You are starting to like the bottle better than momma. (tear)

* You love your jumper, sometimes we think you may just bounce right out of it!
* You are such a loud boy, its sounds like we have a terradactyl in our house.
* You love to hum when you are happy.
* You haven't figured out a consistent sleeping schedule quite yet. Some days you take naps, other days no way! Some nights you sleep through the night, others you wake up 3-4 times UGH!

* You have wonderful eye contact and track everything so well.
* You still have an obsession with pulling hair, hope this stops soon.
* You still love that darn paci.
* You have become a MUCH happier baby this month.
* You are our smart amazing little boy and we love watching you grow!

My 32nd birthday also happened to be on K's 8 month birthday, but unfortunately I had to go to work that night. Although on my break I was so pleased to find this wonderful e-mail that my husband sent to me, telling me about what happened while I was away.

Kemper was awful quiet up in his room tonight. Some may say too quiet…

Helen had already gone to work. He had had his bath and his before-bed bottle. I sent him up to his room to get in bed, but after 15 minutes, I looked upstairs and noticed that the computer light was on, lighting up the room like a full moon on a dark night.

Puzzled, I headed upstairs and snuck in on him to see what he was up to. Needless to say, he was not in bed, but sitting at the computer typing. I startled him as I asked what he was doing.

“Oh, nothing” he replied, laughing as he kept typing

“Is this how you spell my name, Dad?” he giggled. “Spell check does not recognize it!”
“Close enough, son” I replied. “Now finish up and turn off the computer and get to bed.”
“Ok, Dad, but let me do one more thing. I want to show Mom something first…”

~All our love, Kemper & Kemper

I'm stuffed!! Thanksgiving recap

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we sure did!! We had lots of food, fun, family, and a little shopping. Here's our recap, children's story version:

We took our annual trip to San Angelo to visit my husband's side of the family.

Grandmother Mary Joy makes the best Thanksgiving feast!

She even made little Kemper his very own homemade sweet potatoes.

Baby K was in heaven. He got constant attention as he was passed around and around...

and around...

K became a big boy and sat in a highchair at a restaurant for the first time. Mimi Janie was so excited!

and he was so proud!

PaPa Bill was proud too!

After Lunch we did a little shopping.

and then Baby K got to meet Santa!!

Baby K's priceless expression as he watched his daddy trip and almost fall into the fountain!!

We can't wait to do it again next year!

7 Months!!

Sweet Baby K you are 7 months old today!!

* You weigh about 16lbs
* You wear 6-9 month clothing
* You wear size 2-3 diapers
* you are still a paci boy. We have managed not to lose "old reliable", the paci you came home from the hospital with. The only paci you will take.
* you are starting to sit up on your own
* You have the sweetest giggle, we can't wait for you to hear it too!

* you love to eat your baby food two times a day.Carrots,sweet potatoes,peaches, and apple sauce are your absolute favorites
* You are still nursing every 2-3 hrs but now get supplemented with some formula because on your last pedi visit the Dr. said you had lost weight.
* your formula has to be warm and bubble free in order for you to even think about drinking it.
* you still love mommas milk best

* You're our cute but crabby little boy, don't let these smiles fool you
* Your top two teeth are coming in
* You love to play in your jumper
* You wake up each morning between 6-6:45 no matter how late you go to bed
* You wake up each morning with a smile and get so exited to see mommy or Daddy
* you grab at everything, it's getting difficult to change your diaper,give you a bath, change your clothes...
* you are still not a very good napper, I think you're afraid to miss something
* you surprise and teach us something new everyday, We love you Bear!

Happy Halloween

What? I get to go Trick-or-Treating??

We celebrated Baby K's first Halloween by going over to his grandma's house for a little trick-or treating around the neighborhood.

I'm ready to go in my skeleton costume pajamas!

My cousin Nolan, dressed as a Hockey player, came with his parents too!

There was so much to see!

Will you open this for me?

We did pretty good for first timers!

Now I only have two teeth, does this mean I still have to brush them?

Baby K enjoying his first Halloween candy (no, I didn't let him eat it all!)

Need your help CI Moms and Dads

Well we have gone through all the hearing testing and the Cochlear Implant evaluation for baby K and all have decided that he is an excellent candidate for cochlear implants. Now we head into the insurance department UGH! As of right now my husband's company insurance does not cover the cost of getting CI's. His company is self insured so it is ultimately up to the company if they will cover them and that is why I need your help CI moms and dads. We need to give them a reason to cover Kemper's CI's and hopefully add it to their plan in the following year. I need help gathering information like what they are, how they work, any statistics, benefits of cochlear implants, and putting it together so that it is informative and straight to the point. If anyone has any appeal letters they could share with us so that we may have a format to plea our case they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


Pumpkin Patch Kid

My own little Pumpkin

Warning He's spoiled Rotten!!

With my true loves

Having the best time

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Going for a ride

I call this Where's Waldo?

Spending time with Daddy

Feeding the goats with Grandma and cousin Nolan
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