Easter 2011

Easter recap 2011

The night before Kemper and his cousin Nolan decorating their eggs. We didn't think the dye would ever come off them!

Easter egg hunt.

 Confetti eggs!! they were a hit!

Discovering the candy and Hot Wheels cars inside the eggs.

 Even more candy in his basket and a Mr. Potato head bunny!

Easter love.

 Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

He is Risen!

Take me out to the Ball Game!

Recently my husband's company gave us suite tickets to the Rangers vs Red Sox game, so we took this opportunity to go out on a date!
We both love going to baseball games, but since the ballpark is quite a trek from home, we don't go often. In fact, we realized the last game we went to was when we got my family together to announce we were expecting!

 It was opening week and weather was perfect.
The Ballpark was perfect.

I love being at the ballpark, seeing all the families together and I love how it brings out all those childhood memories.

Proud to be American. Proud to be a Texan!

  another one of my favorite things about going to the ballpark...
The hot dogs!
 I keep it simple, just a little mustard please!
 oh and don't forget the peanuts!

It was a great day spent with the hubby. The only thing missing was my K. Hopefully we can get his allergies in check and bring him with us next time.

This Kid was born deaf?!

We love nights like this.
We can't believe that 14 months ago this child could not even hear a jet engine pass him by.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

~Albert Einstein


Sweet "Baby" K you are TWO years old today!!!

  • You weigh 26.4lbs, (25-50%) my skinny little thing! You eat tons but I don't know where it goes!!
  • You are a pretty tall toddler, everyone comments on it.  35.5'' (75-90%)
  • You wear size 2T clothing. They are slightly baggy but you need the extra pants length!!
  • You wear size 6.5 shoes
  • You wear size 4-5 diapers
  • You are still a good eater, you will even tell me when you are hungry by saying and signing "food"
  • Your favorite foods: banana, strawberries, scrambled eggs, avocado, rice, beans, cheese, bread, macaroni, chicken, and french fries.
  • You are still not into drinking milk from a sippy cup, anything but milk. We really need to work on that!

  • You love to go to bed late, a 9:30 bedtime is now considered early :(
  • You have decided that you no longer need naps, but some days mommy wins and you will a take nap  ranging from 1-3 hrs.
  • You still wake up each morning at 7:30-8:00, even when you go to bed really late.
  • You hate to go take a bath, but once you are in we can't get you out!
  • You hate to be dirty, you make a big fuss. If your paci drops on the floor you always hand it over and say "wash!"
  • You still love to brush your teeth.
  • You have to brush your teeth immediately after you get out of the bath, In the nude!! No time for PJ's!
  • You no longer care to be rocked to sleep, you will tell us "upstairs"
  • You love to read Goodnight Moon before going to bed. It is pretty much the ONLY book you like to read.
  • Your comfort items include: your paci, blankie & Elmo doll.
  • You like to have something in both hands at all times. You are always carrying something.
  • You love to watch Elmo's World and Yo Gabba Gabba
  • You can count to 5
  • You know your primary colors
  • You say you are "two!" when asked your age.
  • You have no problem announcing "I poop!" when you need your diaper changed. Potty training is in the near future.
  • You still love to hear.
  • You are hearing so well, it's amazing!!
  • You are talking tons too!! The other day you felt the cool breeze and said "Mama cold outside!"
  • You are so dramatic, if one of your hearing processors falls off you will say "oooh NO!" Then if you are able to put it back on you will say "I did it!"
  • You are very polite. You love to say hi and bye to everyone you see, especially in restaurants.
  • You love your dog Raider. You ask for him each morning and you even greet him before your parents.
  • You are obsessed with your grandmothers car. You will have a fit if you can't ride in it. You are always asking your grandmother to unlock it so you can sit in it. (It's a Mercedes, you have great taste ;)
  • You are very obedient and do not get into things. You will even ask for permission to go up the stairs.
  • You do not get into trouble often, but when you do you will close your eyes and pretend you can't hear us.
  • You  love to hug.
  • You are very good with your hands.
  • You love to color.
  • You call yourself "Pimper"
  • You need a haircut!! Your hair grows like a weed!!
  • Your favorite restaurant is Joe's Crab Shack. You love the music,dancing, & the crab dip!
  • You went to Joe's Crab Shack for your birthday dinner. They sang "Happy Birthday" to you.
  • You are an amazing little boy. It's crazy, you are the young one but we are the ones with sooo much to learn!

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.
-- Mark Twain

Between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood, we find a delightful creature of a boy.
-- Author Unknown

Mothers of little boys work from son up till son down!
-- Author Unknown

Mama Cheese!

My son is just like his father in that he is not a fan of books/reading. This breaks my heart being a book worm myself. He would rather take all the books off his shelf, toss them on the floor, and build something with them. So to try and get him more interested in books I have started making my own. Only they are not really books, but more like photo albums. I  take pictures of things around the house that he is familiar with and put them in an album with a caption underneath them. Later we sit down and "read"/discuss the pictures. All this to help his listening and language skills. The other day I was going around the house taking pictures and this is how it went ...

A simple pic of a beach ball we can talk about the colors, shape, size...you get it.

K  jumps in front of  me and says "Mama cheese!!" Silly boy wanted me to take his picture.

next his cars.

"Mama Cheese!!" Now he wanted me to take a picture of his toes.

His basketball.

again "Mama cheese!!" so I take a picture of his belly

His spoon, mommy's spoon

"Mama cheese!"

His toys.

"Mama Cheese!" His toes again.


This time I said "Kemper cheese!!" and he gave me this adorable little smirk. This kid cracks me up!

Like we need anymore equipment!

This is how we spent our Friday afternoon/evening.
In a Pediatric Urgent care center.
K has been struggling with allergies for the last few days. Itchy eyes and a runny nose for the most part but happy and acting normal. Friday afternoon came around and he began to make wheezing sounds and his breathing had increased. He was not in any distress, but this was definitely not normal for K. Immediately the nurse in me kicked in and I knew that slight wheezing and increased breathing could turn into something. bad. fast.
So off to the urgent care center we went. By the the time we got there his respirations had increased to the 60-70 breaths per minute range ( a 2yr old should not be above 40) and his wheezing had increased.  The doctor checked him out and ordered some steroids and a breathing treatment for him. K was not a fan. He threw a huge fit, kicking and screaming. Each time the doctor or nurse came in he would say "away!" then look at us and say "bye bye?"
He felt sooo much better after his treatment. After it was done he said "Daddy hug?" My poor baby!
Now we are not quite sure what caused K breathing problems, but the doctor thinks it could be allergies topped off with a slight cold that put him over the edge. If he continues to have breathing issues we may have to look into the asthma route. :(

So for now we get to take home this nifty nebulizer, to do breathing treatments at home. Yes, the M&M's are part of the bribery treatment. If he does his treatment and takes his medicine he gets to have 5 M&M's!

 Oh one more thing, the doctor and nurses were so impressed with K's listening and speaking. Right after they mentioned that to us K got impatient and yelled "Open the door! Bye Bye!" He was done with this place!
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