$$$ chew toys

Yep Baby K finally discovered his hearing aids and he thinks they taste great. I knew this day was coming but I think was in denial. I'm kicking myself for not ordering the Hanna Andersson pilot caps that all the other mothers suggested sooner. I ordered one but I may go crazy before it comes in. We have been using the huggie aids but he has been a pro at ripping them off in two seconds flat. I find them difficult to put back on and K usually has a fit, so they are not quite working for us.

So here we are getting our second pair of hearing aid molds done. Old reliable(what we named his paci),toy and we're good to go!

Kemper hasn't really shown us that he is getting any benefit from his HA's so it's been hard finding the motivation to keep putting them on. I find myself putting them on later and later and taking them off earlier and earlier. On October 1st we are going to one of the many cochlear implant evaluation appointments and they will test exactly how much benefit he is receiving from them.

Shortly after taking this picture he had a melt down, he was done with having his ears messed with. Or maybe pink is just not his color!

House Divided

There is one day a year that my husband and I agree to disagree and that's when Texas Tech University and the University of Texas play against each other in football. I get dressed in my red and black and my husband in his burnt orange. This years game was especially interesting because it was a game of revenge. Last year Texas Tech was the only team to beat Texas causing them to lose the opportunity to play in the national title. Boy was I happy! but not this year Texas got their revenge and beat Tech 34-24 boo! (I guess if you call that revenge since #2 ranked Texas was supposed to slaughter not even ranked Tech) In all we had fun teasing each other about our teams and the funny thing was that we really didn't argue over which team was going to win but what colors Baby K was going to wear!!

How about Both????

5 Months!!!

Sweet Baby K you are 5 Months old today!!

* you weigh about 15lbs
* wear size 2-3 diapers
* you sleep 8-9 hrs a night (10pm-6am)
* still refuse to go to sleep before 10pm :(
* must be rocked or patted to sleep
* Starting to like tummy time
* like to scoot on your back all over the place
* Picking your head up while on your belly so well
* rolled over for the first time
* have two bottom teeth
* started eating cereal, green beans, and peas
* EVERYTHING goes in your mouth
* love to play on your mat and in your bouncy chair
* love going outside
* loves being signed to, you concentrate so hard!
* momma can point to things and you turn to look
* still love bath time
* still have not found your hearing aids yet, but it's about time for some new molds!
* it was almost impossible to take these pictures because you can't stay still anymore!

Wonderful Idea

I have worked as an ICU nurse for the last seven years, primarily working with infants and children with congenital heart defects. These children are very sick and often require surgery or even a heart transplant. It's a difficult job dealing with sadness, grief, and death almost on a daily basis. Many parents often ask me "How do you do it?" and I often tell them I can do it because I find it very rewarding being able to help these children in need. Although, when I do get asked this question by the parents I often think in my head "No, how do YOU do it?" The way I see it, it's a lot easier on my side of the bed. I'm not having to deal with the terrible stress these parents are under. I don't have to practically live in a hospital. I get to go home, see my family, take care of my needs, and not have to wonder if my child is going to make it trough the night. So When I found this site Survival Mode Parent I had to share it. The goal of this website is to match people who need help while their child is in the hospital to people who are willing to provide that help. Something as simple as making a meal, or offering to do some laundry could do wonders. So if you or anyone you know has some time to help take a look at this wonderful organization.

Always, Sometimes, Never

I always

* worry too much
* multi task
* am up for seafood
* have at least 5 half empty water bottles on my night stand
* drive over the speed limit ( only by 5!!)
* wanted kids
* tell my hubby and baby I love you
* talk to my mom everyday
* pray

I sometimes

* lose my temper
* forget to eat
* get lost going to places I've been before
* like the rain
* watch really bad reality shows
* imagine what it would be like if I won the lotto

I never

* stop thinking or analyzing
* go to bed early
* swear without feeling guilty afterwards
* smoke
* sleep through the night
* want to go back to high school
* want to take blessings for granted

What about you?
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