Tummy Tracker 31-32

04/ 05/13

How far along?: 31 weeks   
Weight gain: 21.8 lbs
Cravings: sweets, soda Such torture! Sugar free just doesn't compare!
Maternity clothes: need to buy more, but don't want to because I hate spending the money with so little time left. Plus the weather will not make up it's mind. One day it is 80 degrees the next 40. I guess that's Texas for ya!
Stretch marks? : thankfully no
Symptoms: dare I say the heartburn is gone?? at least for this week it is!! Still feeling very pregnant, feeling pressure down below and my legs are killing me. I'm having some swelling in my feet and ankles by the end of the day. A Charlie horse in my leg wakes me up pretty much every night, good grief they are painful! I never had them with K.
Miss anything? sleeping. It's almost impossible this week because I am so uncomfortable.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Celebrated my "Baby K's" 4th birthday!! He had the best time.
 My sugars were running a little higher this week so I didn't get to have any of his birthday cake. (okay maybe one bite)
How's daddy doing?:  finally figuring out that he can't get all the house projects done by himself along with all the baby stuff. May have to hire out some help.
How's K doing?:  Two of my girlfriends brought their baby girls to Kemper's party and the next day K asked me " Are we gonna get one of those babies like at my party?" I really think the concept of bringing home a baby is really starting to make sense to him.

How far along?: 32 weeks   
 Total weight gain:  23.6
Cravings: sweets as usual :(
Maternity clothes:  yes, pretty much everything I wear. I must be carrying her completely different than I did with K.  I've gained the same amount of weight as with my last pregnancy but my clothes just don't fit the same. Seems like all my shirts are too short!
Stretch marks? : thankfully no
Symptoms: Still feeling very pregnant. This week this baby feels sooo heavy. I can feel the pressure of her on my bottom and legs. The pressure is so heavy that I'm starting to get the big "H's". By the end of the day my legs look really thick. The contractions are back  and I feel like I could have this baby any minute.
Miss anything? my energy, even taking a bath is a chore.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Had my regularly scheduled sono to check my cervical length. I had been staying steady at 3.8 even with my contractions but this week my cervix shortened to 2.6 and I'm dilated 2cm. Apparently my contractions are making some progress, which is not good. It's sill a little too early. My OB decided to start me on a low dose of Procardia to help relax my uterus and hopefully stop or slow down these contractions.  Little miss is about 5lbs and measuring in the 81%
We also somewhat finished up K's big boy bedroom, got rid of all the baby blue. tear.
How's daddy doing?:  says he's starting to get a little nervous, so much to do!
How's K doing?: He's such a big boy. His vocabulary/speech is getting better each day. He's really starting to think and wonder about things. He's been asking me questions about the hospital, who will be here when the baby comes, and even who is going to give him a bath while I'm in the hospital.He wants his ducks in a row!

My belly, My belly...
K thought his sister needed some stamps too. ;)

We put K's big boy room together, although  I still have a few things I want to do in his room. We had planned on converting his crib to a full sized bed but K really didn't want us to. ( he doesn't really like change) so we compromised and converted it to the toddler. I kinda like it, it gives him more room to play and gives us an excuse as to why we can't sleep in his bed with him at night.

Next week we are having plantation shutters installed to all the windows in the house. I think they will look really nice in his room.

 I kept the same airplane theme. Mommy and Daddy met on an airplane, so I couldn't resist.

He loves his stars, stripes, and airplanes!

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Kate Reedy said...

So awesome! Love the stamping on the belly! K's room looks great! I"m sure you are really starting to count down!

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