Tummy Tracker weeks 25-26


How far along?:  25 weeks   
Weight gain: 15 total
Cravings: Anything, I have a huge appetite. I've never been one to clear my plate, especially the large portions given at restaurants. This week I have had no problem.
Maternity clothes: anything comfy. I've noticed that clothes have really bothered me this pregnancy. Everything is uncomfortable and the textures annoy me. As you can tell from most of my tummy tracker pics I rarely dress up. I have even cropped out the fact that I am wearing pajama bottoms in several of the pictures. Wish I could dress up more but I just can't it's like a sensory overload.
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms: braxton hicks contractions have slowed down quite a bit, such a relief. I've finally been able to do a few things without feeling like I'm about to go into labor. The heartburn hasn't slowed down any though. I live on tums and now Zantac.
Miss anything? bending over to pick something up. Luckily K is in the "I want to help" stage and I use this to my advantage ;)
Movement:  Still plenty of movement. I love it!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  I got her bedding in and got some great deals on some smocked dresses.
How's daddy doing?: getting down to business and helping me clear out the baby's room. Listed a million things on Craigslist.
How's K doing?:As I was leaving to go to work K stopped me and shook his pointer finger at me and said " Mom, you be careful with baby sister!"
Looking forward to: Getting a dresser for her room this week.

peek of bedding.


How far along?:  26 weeks   
Weight gain: 18.8 total
Cravings: Ketchup and Capri Sun drinks. I bought some Capri Sun drinks for K's lunch and tried one and now I'm craving them all the time. So random I think.
Maternity clothes:  long sleeved maternity cotton T-shirts and sweat pants most of the time. Luckily I'm a SAHM most days so I can get away with it!
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms: Some braxton hicks. Damn heartburn. The back ad hip pain while sleeping is back :(
Miss anything?being able to eat without getting heartburn. It's so bad even water gives it to me.
Movement:  Doing flip flops!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Visit t my regular OB. Heartbeat was 138. Had the dreaded glucose tolerance test.I hope that I pass because I just bought several boxes of girl scout cookies and that would just be cruel.
How's daddy doing?: Truly excited about having a little girl. I love to hear him talk about her.
How's K doing?: This week K is off for Spring break and loving all the mommy and daddy time.
Looking forward to: Seeing little miss again next week at the specialist. OB would like to check cervical length every two weeks since I am one centimeter dilated and still having contractions.

                    26 weeks with Kemper                                           26 weeks with Baby K2

dreaded glucose test.

This is what happens each time I try and get a picture with him. Such a stinker!

A little more cooperative for daddy.

Happy 3rd hearing birthday!!

February 11, 2013 
Three years ago today my baby boy heard his  first sounds  ever through the use of cochlear implants. We always take this day to say thanks to our family, friends, doctors, therapists, and teachers that have helped us along the way. K is doing awesome, far better than we could have ever imagined. If you didn't see his C.I.'s behind his ears you would never think this child was born profoundly deaf. While our journey is still not over, we are forever grateful for the love and support we continue to receive.
To continue his traditional hearing birthday we did our usual big family dinner followed by cake and ice cream.
Kemper insisted on going to the store and picking out his own cupcakes for his "ears"
He also insisted on having his own grocery cart. Thank you Kroger for supplying mini carts, they make shopping so much easier :) When we got to the cashier to checkout I asked him how he was going to pay for them and he replied "With the money in your purse!"

Time to blow out the candles with a little help from his cousin Nolan.

Enjoying his cupcakes and being silly with his cousin Nolan.

My husband and I try and keep it simple just dinner and dessert, but his grandparents can never resist getting him a present.They got him a garbage truck with all the lights and sounds of a real one. It even picks up trash and dumps it! It's such a boy toy & he loved it.

Cheers to many more hearing birthdays!!

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