Tummy Tracker 37-38 weeks


How far along?: 37 weeks   FULL TERM!!!
Total weight gain:   23.5  Lost some weight this week and it's been several weeks since I have put any on. Must be with the gestational diabetes diet. No sugar and little carbs. do make a difference. My doctor is okay with this since the baby is still gaining weight.
Cravings:  hot dogs??
Maternity clothes:  yep, but as much as I don't like them I'm really not looking forward to having to wear nursing tops. I remember hating having to plan your outfit around a top that had easy access to your boobs ;)
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: LONGEST/ STRONGEST CONTRACTIONS EVER, just when I'm about to call the doctor they go away. Nighttime is the worst.  My belly takes forever to recover from them and stays hard for what feels like forever.  Every night this week I've been up most of the night wondering  Is this it? Am I in early labor? Do I call the doctor now? It's been so hard to tell since these contractions don't play fair. Some are BH and go away with walking or moving, others are take your breath away strong and continue even with  movement.  Some come at regular intervals for a while and then just stop. So confusing!! One night I was so frustrated with them I just cried. My first hormonal cry of the pregnancy, not bad!! ;) I'm just glad I haven't gone to the hospital each time this has happened, there would have been lots of wasted trips!
The swelling in my legs and feet have miraculously gone away. I haven't had any this week. She must have switched positions relieving the pressure.
Movement:  love to feel those reassuring kicks! I can tell her back is to my left side, and can tell when she sticks her little booty out.
Miss anything? sleep and it's gonna be a LONG time before I get some.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat. K told me that my belly button is not supposed to look like that, it's supposed to look like his.
This week:
I another visit with my OB and stress test. Once again she did well with her stress test.  Her HR was 140. My sugar levels have also been a lot lower this week and I had to increase my carb intake some. Doctor says it could be in response to the increased contractions causing my metabolism to speed up?? who knows.
-This week we also went shopping for a mattress for her crib. My husband took this as a very serious job. He actually laid down and tested each one out himself! We got lots of strange looks.
 - Took my daughter to her very first concert. For the last 12 years my best friend Olivia and I have seen The Dave Matthews Band play every summer and I didn't want this year to be an exception. We usually try and get the front row sanding pit area but opted for the sit down seats further back this year. Our seats turned out to be great because they were front row on an upper level. I was able to sit down for the entire show with out anyone in front of me blocking my view. The VIP parking tickets helped to, I hardly had to do any walking. I was worried about going at 37 weeks but it all worked out great.
- This week we hired a lady to stencil a pattern on the wall of the nursery. It turned out so pretty. I can't wait to get her room finished.
  How's daddy doing?: He's got random nesting going on. I had several things for him to do for the nursery but he decided that moving a huge pile of bricks that we have had in our back yard for the last two plus years had to go. Then his back hurt for the next two days. Stupid bricks.
How's K doing?: K went to his first Texas Rangers baseball game. He had a great time with his daddy and grandfather. They got to be spoiled with suite tickets courtesy of my husband's work company. His dad bought him a new baseball mitt and bat while they were there. He came home so happy it melted my heart. It's one of those moments you dream about when you find out you are having a boy, taking him to a baseball game.

Testing out the mattresses. I didn't know if I should have been embarrassed or just laughed.

Go Rangers!!
 He had school that day and had been up since 7am, but he was so wired from the game he didn't fall asleep until almost midnight!!

Yes call me crazy for going to a concert at 37 weeks pregnant. Funny thing is I wasn't the only one. Each time I went to the bathroom I would meet a fellow preggo ;)

Sneak peek of the stencil pattern in her room.


How far along?: 38 weeks   
Total weight gain:   23.5
Cravings:  sweets, happy knowing it will not be too much longer before I can have them!!
Maternity clothes:  yep and hoping I won't need them for long after she arrives.
Stretch marks? :  still none yay!
Symptoms: CONTRACTIONS, especially at night. I think I deserve an award for being the most dilated/effaced while having the most contractions without going into active labor.
Heartburn, can't sleep due to the contractions, back, and hip pain. Having slight nausea.
Movement:  She once kicked me so hard it startled me and made me jump, my husband even witnessed the kick as was shocked as well.
Miss anything? not peeing my pants when I sneeze.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: Got ready for her arrival. - packed my hospital bag. -Made sure all her clothes and blankets were clean. -Set up the bassinet in the master bedroom.- Got my hair an nails done. oh and even hired a maid to give the house a good cleaning. I could so get use to that!!
I also worked on some projects for the nursery. I still have some decorations to add but I think they will have to wait until after she gets here. I just don't have the energy to shop or look around for things.
 How's daddy doing?: Think he's starting to get nervous. He was asking how he supposed to give both of them a bath and put them to bed when I go back to work. I just laughed and told him that we still had time to figure that out and not to worry because other people do it all the time.
How's K doing?:  He's been so much fun lately. He has the best sense of humor. He gets tickled by things so easily. Just watching a cartoon will set him off. His laugh is contagious. 

first and last bare belly shot of this pregnancy.

Thanks to my older sister Maria for setting up and paying for my appointments to pamper myself before little miss arrives.

A little Pinterest project my hubby helped me out on.

So can't wait to be done with you!

My friend Olivia gave me K2's first pair of ballet slippers, so precious!!

My crazy superstition. This is the last balloon left over from the gender reveal. For some reason  I just couldn't pop it and throw it away. It's just been sitting on a shelf  slowly loosing air. We started joking and saying that when all the air is gone it will be time for the baby to be born. Last week it still had quite a bit of air in it but today I found it on the floor with just a tiny bit of air left.......

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