Showered with Love

Or shall I say flooded with love? We were so blessed to have four showers in honor of our Baby K. My family and friends hosted one for me in Dallas, Kemper's mother and Grandmother hosted another in San Angelo, my co-workers from Children's, and last but not least Kemper's co-workers from MK Inc. They were all wonderful and special in their own way. Each one was filled with love, laughter, and gifts galore! Now all we need is a baby so we can use all these wonderful gifts!!

Cake from My family and friends

Cake from Kemper's Family
Cake from my co-workers

cup cakes from Kemper's co-workers

Diaper cakes too!!

36 Weeks!!


I saw these questions on another blog so I thought I'd answer them too.

How far along? 36 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: 26lbs
Maternity clothes? oh yeah! 4-5 months now, Target Liz Lange shirts are the best.
Stretch marks? amazingly none so far!
Sleep: What's that? I thought no sleep was AFTER the baby, not BEFORE!!
Best moment this week: going to the Dr. and knowing my baby is doing well
Movement: Tons ouch!
Food cravings: food not really interested, meat yuck! craving chocolate milk & lemonade
Gender: Still a boy
Labor Signs: painful contractions, 3 days in the hospital ;)
Belly Button in or out? still in
What I miss: bending over to do anything
What I am looking forward to: meeting my baby boy!
Weekly Wisdom: Your house will never be as clean and organized as you want, so don't sweat it!
Milestones: got some more cookin' done, didn't deliver early!!

Guilt free Coke please!

I can't wait to have a guilt free coke. I have never been a big caffeine drinker, usually 1 caffeinated drink a day max, but since I have gotten pregnant I have pretty much gone caffeine-free. I know that it is OK to have a limited amount of caffeine during pregnancy, but I always feel guilty after drinking it. Lately the only time I have one is when I have a raging headache that won't go away after water and Tylenol. I haven't even had a sip of caffeine since I got out of the hospital and I'm having a mad craving for a cherry coke from Sonic right now. I know,I know, water is what is best, but doesn't a cold coke sound good??!! (caffeine free coke don't waste your time, I know the difference!)

This looks good!

35/35 !!

We made it! one more week of growing! I am now 35 weeks and technically I have 35 more days to go, but baby Kemper has already made it clear that he will come when he wants to. We're still trying to get everything ready Kemper's arrival, so many things to do and get. I have tried to venture out of the house a little, but if I walk around too much I start having contractions, so I think I will be doing a lot more online shopping for now. I'm still nervous about baby Kemper's arrival but so excited! I can't wait to hold my baby boy!

The bassinet my parents gave us to put next to our bed, all put together

False Alarm!!

On our way home!!
My labor stopped and I get to go home and let little Kemper cook some more! My contractions have not completely stopped but they are no longer frequent and regular. Baby Kemper has also changed positions and he is no longer pushing on my cervix, and I have not dilated anymore since I came into the hospital. Although, I am still a ticking time bomb and can go into labor at anytime, my Dr. said it could be days or even 1 or 2 weeks. My Dr.didn't even put me on strict bed rest, I am to take it easy but can still do regular activities! She believes that even at 34 weeks he can be delivered with no complications, so there is no point in putting me on strict bed rest. I still would like for him to be born at least 36 weeks, so I am taking it easy.

My mother-in-law drove in from San Angelo when she heard the news, and has been very helpful with Kemper getting things ready for the baby, picking baby supplies and organizing his room. We feel so far behind now knowing that I will not go full term. The day I went into labor we didn't even have his car seat yet, we were planning on getting it that night! Oh well the way I see it no matter how much we plan and organize we will never quite feel ready for his arrival!

We are so thankful to our family and friends for all their love,prayers,and support during our short crazy time. We love you all!!

34 weeks...

and in the hospital in pre-term labor. It all started yesterday when I was going through all of baby K's shower presents and I felt like I wet my pants ( sorry may be TMI)when I went to change my pants they were full of blood not urine like I expected. I tried not to panic as I called my Dr., Kemper, and my mother. Kemper was home within ten minutes and he rushed me to labor and delivery driving 85,lights flashing, horn blaring down the tollway. Turns out the baby was doing fine but I was going into labor 6 weeks early.

Since then the Dr's have decided not to stop my labor, but they will do nothing to speed it up either. Even at 34 weeks they believe he is developed enough not to have any major complications if he is born. My bleeding and contractions have slowed down but they have not stopped completely. My cervix is completely thinned out and baby K is very low in my pelvis. I am just not dilating very much. So all we do now is wait, way easier said than done! Either I dilate and finish the labor process or I stop contracting, bleeding, and dilating and go home on strict bed rest and wait for him to come at a later time. So far neither scenarios have taken place so all we can do is wait some more.

I am doing fine just a little uncomfortable with the contractions and having to stay in bed all the time. I have pain meds ordered, but haven't really needed them. I can see his heart rate on the monitor and it is going strong and I can feel him moving quite a bit, which puts my mind at ease. My family and friends have been a great support sending their thoughts and prayers for our little boy and I am thankful for that. I'll try to keep everone posted as we wait for the arrival of baby Kemper.

When my contractions were three minutes apart

Dr's pic of baby Kemper's position
waiting & waiting

Poor Daddy's sleeping arrangements

32 Weeks

Baby Kemper's nursery furniture

Just eight more weeks to go! I'm excited but nervous at the same time, just wondering about when he will arrive. I plan on working until he comes, but not knowing when that is makes me nervous because I do not want to go into labor at work even if I do work in a hospital!
We are trying to get the nursery ready for him and that has been a real chore. It was originally a guest/extra storage room, so finding room for all that stuff has not been fun. Baby K's nursery furniture is not due to arrive for a couple more weeks. We had no idea we should have ordered it at conception due to the fact it is taking forever to come in. Oh well, he won't be sleeping in there for a couple of months so it won't matter if it is not completely finished.
Kemper has been a great help,he is in full nesting mode right now and I love it. If I knew getting pregnant would get him cleaning and organizing I would have been pregnant way sooner! He even took everything out of our bedroom and dusted and vacuumed every single inch, it was hilarious to see him go at it. I kept introducing myself to him and and asking him if he knew where my husband was. Now If I could only get him to start cooking!!
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