Growing Pains

It's official Kemper is cutting his first tooth, or shall we say teeth. Yep his bottom two front teeth are coming in with a vengeance. Tylenol has been our best friend and has worked well so far. He is frantically chewing on everything but loves to chew on fingers, so watch out those chompers hurt! I'm still nursing so I've told him two bites and that's it, then were moving onto the bottle!

Poor baby !! I also tried baby Orajel to help numb his gums, big mistake. He hated the taste so bad he flipped out. Then he began to panic when the numbing sensation kicked in. I did my best to get it only on his gums but a little must have gotten mixed in his saliva and ended up on his tongue and he started choking on his saliva. Talk about feeling like a bad momma. So new mommas beware of the Orajel!!

Baby K recently started eating baby food. He was always fussy shortly after feedings so the pediatrician suggested starting him on some solids. We tried rice cereal first and he hated it, shuddered down to his toes. We tried that for a week and then moved on to green beans, loves them! After a week of green beans we tried peas, hates them! I think I already have a picky eater on my hands, so I guess we will stick to the green beans for a while.

Silly mommy!!

Unexpectedly expecting

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY my husband came home from work for lunch and I surprised him with the news that we were expecting and I even got it on video

One year later Daddy home for lunch, no surprises this year!

This little boy is our world, our everything. He has taught us so much in his short little 4 months. We love him more and more with each passing moment.

Nada, zilch, nothing, big fat goose egg

Is the response we got from Baby K when we tested out his hearing aids at the audiologist. Although all they did was put us in the booth, sit him on my lap, introduce noises to him, and watch his face his see if he responded. Heck we do that all the time at home for free and get the same results! Not that I really expected any huge results considering he is deaf due to a flawed Connexin 26 gene. This flawed gene in general causes the hair cells in the ear (that transmit sound) to die off or not function properly resulting in hearing loss. So chances are the hearing aids will never work but I will continue to put them on just in case there are a few hair cells hanging around waiting to stimulate that auditory nerve.
We go back to the audiologist next month to get him some new ear molds because he will be grown out of the ones he has now by then and they will probably turn up the volume on his aids to see if that helps his hearing.

4 Months!!

Sweet Baby K you are 4 months old today!

* weight 13lbs 14 oz
* Height 24.5cm
* wears 3-6 month old clothing
* wears size 2 diaper
* eats every 2-3 hours during the day
* Sleeps 10pm-6am most nights YEAH!! (usually after a 3 hour battle)
* Still hates to nap during the day
* puts everything into his mouth
* grabs at everything ( loves to pull mommy's hair)
* loves to blow spit bubbles and blow raspberries
* still loves bath time
* doesn't care for paci as much but likes to chew on his burp cloths
* doing better with tummy time
* uses his eyes so well to gain information, don't block my view or I'll get grumpy!
* tolerates his hearing aids well, hasn't started pulling them off... yet
* still a fussy little boy but it's getting better
* loves his mommy so much he cries when I leave his side.

K wearing his tie onesie given to him from Lisa at Happy Heart Kidz. I love it!

Sleepy K saying goodbye to Daddy as he leaves on a business trip to Hong Kong for ten days. We will miss you Daddy!!

Sorry pics are from my iphone
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