My favorite band comes into town and my husband is out of town, who do I take?? my mom! Luckily for me I have a very hip mom that loves the Dave Matthews Band as much as I do. My older sister Maria first introduced me to the band when I was about 17 or 18 years old and I have been to about 2 concerts a year since then. (I'm part of the reason why that man is so rich now!)When I was in college my awesome mother would stand in line for me for hours to get concert tickets for me if I was in class. After I graduated my friends and I would use Dave concerts as an excuse to meet up and travel all over the US. Now that I'm married I drag Kemper all over to see him, he doesn't mind and I know this because on several occasions I have found one of my CD's in his car player! So if you have only heard them on the radio you are missing out and you have to see/hear them live to appreciate their talent.

Texas Heat

Texas Heat

Last weekend we all headed over to the Chenault's house to help finish painting. Well that was our original intention, but because it was so hot we all got into the pool and the painting was put aside. Even baby Nolan and Raider took a dip. Later to end the fun day Zach cooked us ribs for dinner. I think we all need to go over and paint more often!!

My boys

*pause music at end of blog to listen

Let's just say that Kemper and Raider don't always get along. Seems like they are always annoying each other like children. Kemper is annoyed by the fact that Raider follows me like a shadow and gets panicky when he can't find me. Kemper says if Raider had an Indian name it would be Two Feet from Helen. Raider on the other hand is annoyed by the fact this giant man moved into his house stole his spot in the bed and takes him away from his mommy. So I get really excited to come home and see that they are spending time with each other and getting along.

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