Tummy tracker 33-34 Weeks


How far along?: 33 weeks   
Total weight gain: 25.5
Cravings:  cereal
Maternity clothes: Had to bust out a size large in my scrub top for work. Feels like I'm wearing a tent!
Stretch marks? : thankfully no
Symptoms: Still feeling very pregnant and like I could have this baby any minute. Contractions are back and so is the heartburn :( 
Movement:  Not feeling her quite as much, but I think it has to do with her running out of room! She gets the hiccups all the time. I pray that she doesn't have them as much after she is born. Her brother did had them all the time as an infant and it really interfered with his sleeping. So much so that I would  pretty much cry when he got them.
Miss anything? as usual, eating what I want. I miss  you real sugar!
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Had a visit to my OB. She increased my Procardia dose due to my sustained contractions. Checked my cervix and I am dilated to 2.5-3cm!
How's daddy doing?:  being the awesome daddy he is and helping me out with K when my contractions start acting up. I love knowing that he can take care of him with out help. He may dress him funny and feed him lots of junk food but at least I still know he's in good hands ;)
How's K doing?:  I bought a lamp for the baby's room and K said "oh she's gonna love it!!"

My Nephew Nolan and Kemper being silly with balloons.

Here are the plantation shutters we had installed in her room. Hopefully they will help block out some of the west sun that comes into her room. I really want to add a chandelier to her room but living in Texas it's not a good idea to get rid of your ceiling fans!   I found this lamp at Homegoods.  I think I'm gonna add some embellishments to the shade  and make it extra girly.

How far along?: 34 weeks   
Total weight gain:  25
Cravings:   Rudy's BBQ
Maternity clothes:  yep, finding it hard to find cute comfortable pants though.
Stretch marks? : not yet. My friend informed me that hers didn't show up until two weeks prior to giving birth, just when I was thinking I was in the clear. boo.
Symptoms: heartburn, difficult getting around, peeing every hour, my hands hurt?? Can't breathe at night and only at night because my nose gets so stuffed up.
Movement:  hiccups, still not feeling her as much , but just as I start to get worried she gives me a a kick. Good girl.
Miss anything? Being able to squat or bend over, it's such a pain when I drop something. At work most of my patients have chest tubes after surgery that are kept on the floor. I dread bending down every hour to see how much fluid is collected in them.
Gender: GIRL!!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Sono to check my cervix length.  I'm now 2.5-2.6 which is shorter than last time. She is measuring at about 6lbs 12 ozI also had a fetal stress test and she did very well with it.
 I also had pregnancy brain really bad this week and I managed to give my daughter her first curling iron burn. I was hot after my shower so I did my makeup and hair in just my bra and undies. Bad idea because when I went to put the curling iron down I forgot about my huge belly and lightly skimmed my belly with the hot iron. The skin is so tight and thin it burned immediately. UGH I felt so stupid!
 How's daddy doing?:  Played hooky from work one day due to lack of sleep. It was nice having him home. His father came into town and together they painted a dresser for her room.
How's K doing?:  He gave us a rough week. He kept us up for hours four nights in a row.  He normally wakes up once to use the potty and goes right back to sleep. This week he just refused to go back to sleep. He kept coming downstairs and turning all the lights and then just sat on the living room couch. He really wanted to come sleep with us but we have kept it a rule not to let him sleep in the bed with us. We have heard that once you do, it's impossible to get them to stop and with the new baby coming this is a habit that we did not want to start. Finally on the fifth night I promised him that if he stayed in his bed that Lucky his Elf on the shelf would make a special appearance the next morning and it worked!!
Monster spray that has failed us. Normally it's enough to keep K in his bed all night. Not this week!!

I hope someday she appreciates her Daddy and her Grandpa painting her furniture just for her.

My OB always gets a kick out of seeing my new belly tattoos courtesy of K.  It was so embarrassing having to explain my burn to her.

Having my fetal stress test done.

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Robert and Heidi Stevener said...

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