Happy 4th Birthday!!!

  • You weigh about 34lbs.
  •  You are tall for your age, so it makes you look like a skinny little thing. ( Don't worry mommy an Daddy were the same way)
  •  You wear a size 10 shoe.
  •  You wear size 3T-4T clothes. (3T fits better but you need the length of 4T clothes)
  •  You rarely nap.
  •  You rarely sleep through the night, but luckily most of the time you wake up it's because you have to potty, and then you go right back to sleep.
  •  You have to use Monster Spray in your room every night to keep out the "scaries".
  •  You have a thing with making sure that all doors in the house are closed, especially closet doors!
  •  You like to eat the same things, it's pretty difficult to get you to try new things.
  •  You are a perfectionist, everything has it's place. You even make your bed everyday and will refill the toilet paper rolls in the bathroom on your own!!
  • You are a creature of habit. Love to have the same routine.
  •  You still hate to be dirty, you will always ask for a napkin when you eat.
  •  You hate to have "crazy" hair so you always let mommy fix it, you love to "spike it up"
  •  You still love Mexican food, it's your favorite.
  •  You are still  are not a fan of ice cream, but love cookies and cake.

  • You love the color red.
  • You love to draw and color. You have an easel that you love to color and write on EVERYDAY.
  • You love to read books with your Daddy before bed.
  • You still have a love for music, you even asked for CD's for your birthday.
  •  You are amazing when it comes to electronics, you know how to turn on the computer and go to You Tube so you can watch cartoons. You know how to work your CD player without any help. You have also figured out how to work the DVR player and love to turn your movies on all by yourself. You have mastered the iPhone, it's amazing to see you use it.
  • You have a great imagination.
  • You have the best memory, you never forget a thing!!

  •  You love your house, you are such a homebody always wanting to be at home with your  parents.
  •  Your favorite cartoons to watch are: Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Max and Ruby, and Peppa Pig.
  • You love the movies Peter pan, Beauty and the Beast, UP, ET, Lady and the Tramp. You also still like to watch your old Signing Time videos.
  • You are obsessed with Pirates. Captain Hook is your favorite.
  •  You are so silly and have a great sense of humor. Two days after you turned 4 you made your first fart joke. Mommy couldn't help but laugh.
  • You are the best behaved preschooler around, and you are so polite.
  • You are definitely a rule follower.

  • You love your dog Raider. You always want to know where he is at all times.
  • You have a daily chore of feeding the dog and you do a great job at it and take so much pride in it.
  • You are still not a fan of animals, but are getting better when it comes to dogs other than your own.
  • You are a pretty shy boy. It takes you a bit to warm up, but after you do watch out!!
  •  You go to a school for children with hearing loss 5 days a week and  you enjoy it.
  •  You are said to be "the leader of the class" from your teachers.
  •  You are going to be the best big brother, you love your sister so much already.

Celebrating his birthday at school.

Happy Birthday my "Sweet  Baby K"!!!!

Tummy Tracker 29-30


How far along?:  29 weeks   
Weight gain: 18.8 total
Cravings: ice cream ( bluebell vanilla is the only decent sugar free ice cream I have found.)
Maternity clothes:  I'm starting to get a draft on my lower belly while wearing some of my old maternity shirts. I blaming it on dryer shrinking them.
Stretch marks? : nope, crazy dilated veins-yes
Symptoms:  braxton hicks, horrible restless legs. Keeps me up at night, I just can't stay still. My husband says my translated Indian name would be "Moves a lot"
Movement: still feeling her quite a bit but not as many flip flops.
Miss anything? eating anything I want.
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: Had another sonogram with the specialist to measure my cervix. Everything looked great and my cervix is measuring 3.6 yay I'm 29wks 4 days but measuring 30 weeks 3 days. Estimated weight 3lbs 10oz.
How's daddy doing?: Couldn't paint her room this week because it was cold and rainy :(
How's K doing?:  Lately I've been having to tell K that I can't can't really pick him up anymore because my belly is getting too big. The other day I picked him up to help him down from a chair and he scolded me " momma you can't pick me up, remember the baby sister!!"


How far along?: 30 weeks   
Weight gain: 21.8 lbs
Cravings: peanut butter and jelly, deviled eggs
Maternity clothes:  I'm starting to get a draft on my lower belly while wearing some of my old maternity shirts. I blaming it on dryer shrinking them.
Stretch marks? : nope, crazy dilated veins-yes
Symptoms:  I am feeling very pregnant. Having a hard time walking around without hurting. My pubic bone, groin, and hips are killing me! According to my husband I'm already starting to waddle.  I've got the uglies. Not feeling so cute. Feel like I'm getting thicker everywhere, especially my legs. 
Movement:  She only allows me to sleep in certain positions,  she kicks and flips to let me know that I need to change positions.
Miss anything? eating cereal. ( I'm limited on my milk intake and most cereals contain lots of sugar)
Gender: sugar and spice
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week:  Had visit with regular OB, everything still checking out great. My gestational diabetes is under control thankfully. Checking my sugar levels four times a day is a pain, but I'll do what ever it takes. I've actually been able to get away with eating more carbs but still have to be careful with my sugars. 
 My doctor also informed me that she will be out of town the first week of June when she is due. Great.  Although she said she would rather induce me at the end of May instead because there is a higher risk of  stillborn with GD moms as they get closer to their due dates go over their due dates. I need to do some more research on all that because I'm not excited about the idea of being induced, especially if it's only because she will be out of town.
How's daddy doing?:  He got her room painted! on the last paint stroke he said he would never paint again ;)
How's K doing?:  Sometimes when I get up from a sitting position I tend make a little groan or noise and sweet little K is always so concerned " Mommy are you okay?"

Daddy at work. Her room is a very light lavender. This picture doesn't quite capture the true color. When my husband put on the very first coat of paint, it was such a faint shade of lavender so K asked him "Why are you painting the room white? baby sisters room is purple."
my husband : " but it is purple."
K in a matter-of-fact voice : "no, it's white."  and then he just walked off.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend. This post is a bit late, but so are 95% of my posts. Oh well, at least I have the memory documented!

K coloring his eggs. I always forget how messy they can be.I was kicking myself for not buying the individual color cups. I had a hard time finding enough bowls that were deep enough to cover the eggs.
 I found it funny that Kemper only likes to dye each of the eggs one solid color. I'm the same way, no mixing of the colors! We keep it simple but add our flare with stickers ;)

Every Easter we buy confetti eggs to crack on our heads. I think it has to be K's favorite tradition. He was so excited that morning he couldn't wait to go outside to crack them. He wanted to hold the carton while his dad and I got ready and I agreed but I told him that he couldn't open them yet. But as you can see the third egg from the left on the top row didn't make it. He ended up cracking it all over himself and the living room couch. The look on his face was priceless, he thought he was in so much trouble. I gave him a free pass and didn't scold him too much, but I did make him help clean it up!

He was all about cracking the eggs on our heads but not on his. How convenient.

Ester 2011, it never gets old!

He's a bossy little thing when it comes to cracking eggs!

Finally he let his dad crack one on his head. Too bad on the first try the egg didn't crack and his dad just ended up whacking him on the head with it! poor kid!

The aftermath.

One of the gifts in his Easter basket was a bubble blower. It's one of those toys that never fails. I think he ends up getting one each year. He would stay outside with it all day if we let him.  I forgot to take a pic.of his Easter basket this year. I kept it pretty simple, just a little candy and a few simple toys like the bubble blower. His grandmother and aunt usually stock him up with plenty of stuff every Easter.

Later that afternoon we went to my parents house for an egg hunt with his cousin Nolan...

...and some more egg cracking!

My husband and my younger sister attempting to ride a scooter, I was just glad/surprised they didn't crack their heads.

 K's loot at his Welas's house.
 A soccer shirt, candy, preschool workbooks, coloring stickers, flash cards, Scooby doo pirate DVD, pirate felt board, and another bubble machine ;)

Happy Easter!!

Tummy Tracker 27-28 weeks

How far along?:  27 weeks   ( Third Trimester!!)
Weight gain: 18.8 total
Cravings: ketchup, bean and cheese burritos
Maternity clothes:  I really need to get some new scrub tops for work. I can't believe I've grown out of them already considering how baggy they are in the first place!
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms: Some braxton hicks. Damn heartburn. The back and hip pain while sleeping is back :(
Miss anything? being able to walk around without being sore later.
Gender: GIRL!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: Got my lab results back, I failed my 1 hour glucose test and I have to go back Monday for the three hour test. boo. I was also told that I am anemic and have low vitamin  D, so I will now be taking extra supplements for those. Also my thyroid level is back to being very low again. The endocrinologist  said he would have do something when my levels reach 0.00 my last level was 0.0114. UGH. This week I also had anther sonogram with the specialist and everything still looks good. She is measuring  about a week ahead at 28weeks 4days, 2lbs 12oz (+- 7oz) In other good news we finally completely cleared out the baby's room. It was bad!
How's daddy doing?: Thinks he can get everything done without help, says he wants to paint the baby's room himself along with five billion other projects. (even though my parents have offered to help.) We'll see...
How's K doing?:  The blood vessels all over my body are huge and extremely visible. (your blood volume increases about 50% while you are pregnant) The other day K saw my bare belly and chest and asked me " momma why you got all those cracks?!"
Looking forward to: getting some new clothes/scrubs.

 a little bit of a draft these days.

I told you it was bad!!

How far along?:  28 weeks   
Weight gain: 18.8 total
Cravings: sweets, milk
Maternity clothes:  I've outgrown a pair of my maternity jeans. :( They were from the first pregnancy. I'm sad because #1 they don't fit #2 they were designer jeans. I splurged on them because I figured I would have other children and could use them then. I had no idea my butt would get so big second time around.
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms: Some braxton hicks. Had the worst case yet of heartburn, felt like I was being stabbed in the chest and back. It just laughed at my tums and Zantac.
Movement: She's my dancing queen.
Miss anything? being able to put my pants and shoes on without it being a process.
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: I failed my glucose tolerance test.  Just by a little, but enough for them to diagnose me with gestational diabetes  (So much for the thinking only the bigger girls got it.) My hormones have been so out of sorts this time around so I'm not too surprised. I now have to check my blood sugar levels four times a day and really limit my sugar and carbs intake. Our family could stand to eat a little healthier, so I guess we could use this as a starting point. Too bad my main pregnancy cravings are sweets!
 The other night we went out to eat and I had a coupon for the restaurant. The only this is that you didn't know what kind it was until the waiter opened the envelope.Wouldn't ya know it was for a free dessert, exactly what I can't have!!!!
How's daddy doing?: Got all the paint supplies, just needs to get started!!
How's K doing?:  He's excited about his baby sister. Each time he asks for something he reminds me that we will need two. one for him and one for the baby sister.
Looking forward to: another sono next week, never gets old seeing our baby girl!

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