Say Hi !!

We just can't get enough of this little boy!

Break dancing 101

My sweet nephew Nolan is growing so fast, each day he shows us something new that he has learned. His latest thing is dancing, everytime he hears any music he gets movin'. I can't wait for his cousin to get here so they can do these silly things together. Baby Kemper and Nolan are going to be 1yr apart almost to the day. I'm due April 22 and Nolan was born April 18, so this time next year we should be seeing Kemper get his groove on too! Pause music at bottom to hear Nolan's groove music

Healing Hearts in Honduras

Each February the Friends of Barnabas Foundation sends a surgical team to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to perform heart surgery on the children there. Last year I was fortunate to be able to go and serve as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. This year as I stay at home 7months pregnant I pray for the Team, children and their families that all goes well.
One of my fellow nurses, Trena has a blog where she is keeping everyone up to date on the happenings in Honduras this year. The team left on February 14 and has completed 13 surgeries and numerous cardiac catheterizations so far,and they are all doing well. I have posted some pictures from last year.

A prayer before each surgery

New heart, new found energy!

Last and unexpected patient of the mission

Our "ICU"

30 weeks!

I have just hit the 30 week mark, only about 10 more weeks to go! Although some days I feel like I will never make it. The tiredness, hip, and back pain are starting to set in and the braxton hicks contractions are already in full swing. Everyone tells me to get plenty of sleep now while I can ( believe me I'm trying) but a kick to the bladder and ribs at 3am each morning doesn't help! Oh and I am clumsier than ever now, the other day I was carrying my lunch tray and I knocked over my drink with my belly and made a mess everywhere, so embarrassing. All this and 10 more weeks to go OH BOY!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Something sweet

Something funny.... just like my husband! Love you!

Guess what Wii got the Birthday Boy?

Wii celebrated Kemper's birthday with a nice quite dinner out at one of our favorite fondue restaurants, The Melting Pot. When Wii got home I surprised Kemper with the Nintendo Wii game system. Wii are not huge video game players but I figured the Wii Fit games would come in handy after the baby is born, since Wii won't be leaving the house too often. The following night Wii went over to my parents house and celebrated Kemper's birthday again with my side of the family. My mom baked a cake in the shape of a golf ball and cooked one of his favorite meals, fajitas. Next weekend Wii are going to San Angelo to celebrate his birthday again with his side of the family.Wii all have to spoil him now with attention because in two months all attention will be on the baby!
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