False Alarm!!

On our way home!!
My labor stopped and I get to go home and let little Kemper cook some more! My contractions have not completely stopped but they are no longer frequent and regular. Baby Kemper has also changed positions and he is no longer pushing on my cervix, and I have not dilated anymore since I came into the hospital. Although, I am still a ticking time bomb and can go into labor at anytime, my Dr. said it could be days or even 1 or 2 weeks. My Dr.didn't even put me on strict bed rest, I am to take it easy but can still do regular activities! She believes that even at 34 weeks he can be delivered with no complications, so there is no point in putting me on strict bed rest. I still would like for him to be born at least 36 weeks, so I am taking it easy.

My mother-in-law drove in from San Angelo when she heard the news, and has been very helpful with Kemper getting things ready for the baby, picking baby supplies and organizing his room. We feel so far behind now knowing that I will not go full term. The day I went into labor we didn't even have his car seat yet, we were planning on getting it that night! Oh well the way I see it no matter how much we plan and organize we will never quite feel ready for his arrival!

We are so thankful to our family and friends for all their love,prayers,and support during our short crazy time. We love you all!!

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