32 Weeks

Baby Kemper's nursery furniture

Just eight more weeks to go! I'm excited but nervous at the same time, just wondering about when he will arrive. I plan on working until he comes, but not knowing when that is makes me nervous because I do not want to go into labor at work even if I do work in a hospital!
We are trying to get the nursery ready for him and that has been a real chore. It was originally a guest/extra storage room, so finding room for all that stuff has not been fun. Baby K's nursery furniture is not due to arrive for a couple more weeks. We had no idea we should have ordered it at conception due to the fact it is taking forever to come in. Oh well, he won't be sleeping in there for a couple of months so it won't matter if it is not completely finished.
Kemper has been a great help,he is in full nesting mode right now and I love it. If I knew getting pregnant would get him cleaning and organizing I would have been pregnant way sooner! He even took everything out of our bedroom and dusted and vacuumed every single inch, it was hilarious to see him go at it. I kept introducing myself to him and and asking him if he knew where my husband was. Now If I could only get him to start cooking!!

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