34 weeks...

and in the hospital in pre-term labor. It all started yesterday when I was going through all of baby K's shower presents and I felt like I wet my pants ( sorry may be TMI)when I went to change my pants they were full of blood not urine like I expected. I tried not to panic as I called my Dr., Kemper, and my mother. Kemper was home within ten minutes and he rushed me to labor and delivery driving 85,lights flashing, horn blaring down the tollway. Turns out the baby was doing fine but I was going into labor 6 weeks early.

Since then the Dr's have decided not to stop my labor, but they will do nothing to speed it up either. Even at 34 weeks they believe he is developed enough not to have any major complications if he is born. My bleeding and contractions have slowed down but they have not stopped completely. My cervix is completely thinned out and baby K is very low in my pelvis. I am just not dilating very much. So all we do now is wait, way easier said than done! Either I dilate and finish the labor process or I stop contracting, bleeding, and dilating and go home on strict bed rest and wait for him to come at a later time. So far neither scenarios have taken place so all we can do is wait some more.

I am doing fine just a little uncomfortable with the contractions and having to stay in bed all the time. I have pain meds ordered, but haven't really needed them. I can see his heart rate on the monitor and it is going strong and I can feel him moving quite a bit, which puts my mind at ease. My family and friends have been a great support sending their thoughts and prayers for our little boy and I am thankful for that. I'll try to keep everone posted as we wait for the arrival of baby Kemper.

When my contractions were three minutes apart

Dr's pic of baby Kemper's position
waiting & waiting

Poor Daddy's sleeping arrangements


Brooke & Jathan said...

Good luck to you and I hope everything works out for the best. My thoughts are with you.

Crystal aka TuTu said...

I know everything will be okay! If you need anything let me know! I will keep you all in my prayers.~~Crystal Flores

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