Off to Grandmother's house we go

This Memorial day weekend we went to San Angelo to visit Kemper's side of the family. It was our first out of town visit since Baby K was born. I practically packed up his entire nursery,and then we were on our way. The trip was a four hour drive, so I fed him right before we left and he slept the entire way!(we were not so lucky on the way home)
It was a nice relaxing weekend, we didn't do much but just enjoy each others company and pass Baby K around. Mommy and Daddy were able to get some much needed rest because Kemper's Mother and her husband Bill had night shift duty and took care of Baby K. They changed him and rocked him to sleep each night and just brought him to me when it was time to feed. It was wonderful because my child doesn't care much for sleeping at night!
While we were in San Angelo Baby K had another ABR done. Ironically his Grandmother works at a rehabilitation center that deals with hearing impaired children and they run these quite frequently and she was able to get us in. Unfortunately the results were the same, severe to profound hearing loss. Amazingly I didn't even cry, but after a month of crying I think I was all cried out. I knew the results would be the same but there was still a hope in me that they would be better. At least we were able to get some closure since the test was run by someone we knew and trusted.
In all it was a wonderful relaxing weekend. I am very fortunate to have married into such a wonderful family which always makes our visits fun.

Great Grandmother Mary Joy

PaPa Bill

MeMe Janie

Baby K Having his ABR done

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Ben's Mom said...

Hi! My heart goes out to you and your family. Ben, my four months old baby, is deaf. We have learned so much about hearing loss in just a short time. You become an expert fast. I know it is hard to come to terms with now but, just remember, our boys are lucky to have families who will make sure they thrive. I can't tell you enough times: it will be okay!

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