Happy Birthday!!

Today our little boy turned 1 month. I can't believe how the time has flown by. Kemper had his one month check up at the pediatrician today and he is now 9lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. He is starting to fill out, his legs and cheeks are getting what I like to call "juicy". Although he has been having a little trouble with his feedings, becoming really fussy and spitting up a lot so the Dr. thinks he may have a little reflux so he prescribed him some Zantac, so hopefully that will help. We do not have anything planned for his hearing until June 5th when we take him to another ENT/ Audiologist to have him evaluated again and talk about getting him some hearing aids.It has only been one month and we have already learned so much from this little boy and I have a feeling from now on he is going to be our teacher.


Brooke & Jathan said...

Reflux can be really difficult to handle. Pey had reflux and she was on Zantac & Reglan until she was about 9 months. It can make for some very trying times when they are really uncomfortable. If you are offering a bottle, you may want to try thickening the milk with some cereal. That really helped Pey.

Amy said...

Hi Helen - I'm Ava's mom and I saw that you are following my blog. I just read your last couple of posts. I'm so sorry about Kemper's diagnosis - My heart really aches for you as I remember that crushing feeling where you feel so much grief and despair - it was only 8 months ago that I went through that. I just want you to know that everything will be ok, really it will. It all seems so overwhelming right now but really there is a HUGE light at the end of the tunnel. Please feel free to email me any questions or if you want to chat amydedomenico@yahoo.com. Good luck - trust your instincts that whatever decisions you make for Kemper they will be the best decisions. I am so happy with Ava's progress. She is such a happy baby. In no time she will be speaking and going to school just like everyone else - she really is a normal kid, despite her deafness. I am so excited for her future. Take care.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Hi! I saw that you're following my blog, so I decided to check yours out! What a beautiful family you are! I love all of your pregnancy pictures.

Your last few posts about Kemper's hearing loss brought me to full blown tears, because I remember how incredibly hard and crushing this diagnosis is. I still cry a lot when I think of my despair during Lucas's first few months of life. Have you ever seen the poem "Welcome to Holland"? Google it, if not... I find that it brings a lot of comfort.

Life will be overwhelming for a while, but it WILL be okay. If you need any resources, please let me know. (if you leave a comment on my blog, it comes right to my email) This blogging world has brought a lot of peace for me. Check out the blog "Our Journey" (http://texaskennys.blogspot.com). They used to live in Texas (I know it's a big place though), and she (Tammy) might be able to give you some guidance on Texas resources too. Aiden just received bilateral cochlear implants and is doing amazing!

I look forward to reading about your journey, and all of your successes with Kemper. We are still near the beginning of our journey with Lucas too, and it's been so rewarding so far. Take care!

Lily's Mom said...

Your baby is so precious!

Lily's Mom said...

Hi. I remember all too well that feeling when you are told your precious baby did not respond to any dB on the ABR. The hospital also told us that Lily probably just had fluid in her ears and not to worry. So I didn't, even though we had roofers over making such LOUD noise 2 days after we brought her home from the hospital. My husband was worried it would upset her; she never even blinked. The worst part for me after the ABR was the audiologist telling me my sweet Lily couldn't hear my voice. I'm crying now as I recall that day.

We are moving forward though. Lily doesn't seem to be getting any benefit from her hearing aids so we are plowing through the cochlear implant process. I can't wait until my baby can finally hear my voice. We're hoping for surgery in July.

Please email (mommytolily@gmail.com) if you need to vent or have questions. The feelings of anger and disappointment are still very real and something I struggle with each week (some weeks are better than others). I know it will get better though. Thinking of you and your family.

Bill and Shelly said...

Hi Helen,

I found your blog through a couple that I follow.
We are a farther down the path than you are, our daughter, Allison is 6 1/2 and recieved her first Cochlear implant in Jan 2005 Her 2nd one was done in April 2008Our son, Jared is 8 and wears hearing aids.
Both Jared and Allison are totally oral and are about to complete their school year in a typical 1st and K classes.
While we are a little further down the path, than you are, we understand those early day and are here to help those that are coming behind us.
Check out our blog if you want, krullfamily5@blogspot.com
I look forward to hearing about Kemper's progress in the months to come.

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