Kendall's new Bling

 Kendall gets her ears pierced!
July22, 2014

We kinda of have a tradition in my family of the girls getting their ears pierced at a young age. I'm talking like before they are a year old. I had mine done when I was just a few months old and had planned to do that with Kendall but decided to wait until a few months after her cochlear implant surgery. So at 14 months old off we went to Sweet and Sassy to have her ears pierced!!

Sweet girl had no idea what was coming :(

 I'm sure it hurt but she seemed more upset about us holding her down.

Before you call CPS on me...
 This picture was taken a minute or two after they pierced her ears.
Nothing a little candy couldn't fix!!

Sweet baby girl with her new bling!

Afterwards we stopped off for an ice cream treat!

This little girl is a champ.
 Like nothing ever happened.

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