We're back!! ( I think)

We're back!

Ahh! it's been so long. I have million drafts started and none finished so I figured I would just start all over with the start of the school year. We are now 3 weeks into the school year and we are slowly getting into our routine.
Kemper is now 7yrs old  and in the 2nd grade!! It is his second year being mainstreamed at his home school and  he is doing fabulous. It's what we hoped and prayed for, so we can't ask for more.
 Little Miss Kendall turned 3 at end of May and just started going to our regional day school for the deaf.  She is doing awesome and loving it! I think having an older brother in school has helped her with the transition from home to school. She's always wanting to do what big brother is doing.

Kemper is a proud member of the Cub Scouts and takes an all boys Aerobats (gymnastics) class in his free time. He's still my shy quiet little boy with the best sense of humor. Hes crazy about Star Wars, Mine Craft and Legos.
Our little Kendy bird is our little firecracker. This Lady Boss knows what she wants and when she wants it. She has been taking ballet for the last year and just recently started in gymnastics (because she couldn't stand being on the sidelines and watching her brother) She is also an honorary Cub Scout member, t-shirt and all ;)
Kendall loves Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and wearing all kids of accessories. Her favorite activities include anything that her brother is doing.
As for me I'm still a full time mom, working part time as a nurse in the ICU at a Children's hospital, and recently started back in school ( that's a whole other story).
Hopefully I can get back into this blogging thing. I've missed my online scrapbook!

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