Kendall's birthday

The day has arrived!
Kendall's birthday
 May 28, 2013
Ready to go to the hospital.
 Our very last picture as a family of three!

The plan towards the end of my pregnancy was for me to be induced at 38weeks. My age, gestational diabetes, and Kendall's size were some of the factors. Although, instead of being induced I decided to have a c section instead. I had a rough delivery/ recovery with K and some lingering issues afterward so I decided this was best for us.

 The whole process went by SOOO fast.
We went into the OR a little after 2pm and she was out by 2:26!
She came out screaming and screaming, that girl had some good lungs!

I know I'm her mommy but she was just so stunningly beautiful, and I swear she was already smiling at us in the recovery room. I also could not believe how pink she was! I guess I'm around so many "blue" babies at work that I kinda forget how pink they really should be!

 Kendall had her entourage waiting.  My sister Christine kept Kemper entertained with a game of peek-a-boo with all the nurses and babies in the nursery.

Proud Daddy showing Kendall off to everyone while I was in recovery.
K wanted to give her a high five!

First picture with my babies!

Kendall had a few visitors ;)

K was so excited yet so nervous to touch her.

The next day while I was resting Kemper and his Daddy went to Build-A-Bear to get a present for Kendall. K picked out and made her Tinker Bear!! He also gave me some beautiful flowers. He said the card read " To Mommy From Kemper"

First official pic as a family of FOUR!!

Finally it was time to leave. We took Kendall home in K's former car seat. It may be boyish, but she's all GIRL dressed in her pink dress and bonnet!!
 Kemper insisted on pushing the stroller, such a great big brother already.

Home sweet home. We feel so complete.

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