Hearing aids round two

 Well the time has come for Kendall to get her set of expensive chew toys  a.k.a hearing aids. I'll admit I wasn't as excited to get Kendall's aids as I was for her brother to get his.  Knowing that Kemper didn't get any benefit from them I was highly doubtful Kendall would either since she has the same degree of hearing loss. The only reasons we did get them were for that slight chance she could get some stimulation to that auditory nerve and the fact that we had to as part of the cochlear implant candidacy criteria. 

My sweet girl at three months old getting her first pair of ear molds made for her hearing aids.  Thankfully we were able to rent these hearing aids for about $500 as opposed to buying a pair.

Two weeks later Kendall sporting her Phonak Naida S III  hearing aids.

Like the pink sparkles? They were requested by her brother. He insisted that she get pink hearing aids. We couldn't get the actual aids in a color but luckily for us we were able to pick out the color of her molds.

It didn't take long for the squealing feedback noise to drive me nuts. Just the way I remembered. I think it's almost impossible to keep them on a child this young, especially when they are not sitting up yet. For the most part she has left them alone but they just squeal and fall out almost each time she turns her head. I tried putting a cap on her but she hated it and it just made the situation worse. Unfortunately she is not showing any difference in her hearing except for a few times we saw her turn her head to look at the dog when he barked, but we are not 100% sure she just didn't see him move with her peripheral vision.  We plan on getting her cochlear implants a little sooner than we did with Kemper so that should shorten our time using these pesky things!


Shannon said...

I just found your blog from "good, but hard" blog.

My 5 month old son is severe to profoundly deaf and he just got his hearing aids last week and boy does the feedback/whistling drive me bonkers. He's scheduled for bilateral CI surgery on 6/6 (just shy of 9 months old), so it appears our little ones may be going on this journey together.

And congrats to your son's 4 year hearing birthday. These stories are really making me hopeful.

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