Tummy Tracker 27-28 weeks

How far along?:  27 weeks   ( Third Trimester!!)
Weight gain: 18.8 total
Cravings: ketchup, bean and cheese burritos
Maternity clothes:  I really need to get some new scrub tops for work. I can't believe I've grown out of them already considering how baggy they are in the first place!
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms: Some braxton hicks. Damn heartburn. The back and hip pain while sleeping is back :(
Miss anything? being able to walk around without being sore later.
Gender: GIRL!
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: Got my lab results back, I failed my 1 hour glucose test and I have to go back Monday for the three hour test. boo. I was also told that I am anemic and have low vitamin  D, so I will now be taking extra supplements for those. Also my thyroid level is back to being very low again. The endocrinologist  said he would have do something when my levels reach 0.00 my last level was 0.0114. UGH. This week I also had anther sonogram with the specialist and everything still looks good. She is measuring  about a week ahead at 28weeks 4days, 2lbs 12oz (+- 7oz) In other good news we finally completely cleared out the baby's room. It was bad!
How's daddy doing?: Thinks he can get everything done without help, says he wants to paint the baby's room himself along with five billion other projects. (even though my parents have offered to help.) We'll see...
How's K doing?:  The blood vessels all over my body are huge and extremely visible. (your blood volume increases about 50% while you are pregnant) The other day K saw my bare belly and chest and asked me " momma why you got all those cracks?!"
Looking forward to: getting some new clothes/scrubs.

 a little bit of a draft these days.

I told you it was bad!!

How far along?:  28 weeks   
Weight gain: 18.8 total
Cravings: sweets, milk
Maternity clothes:  I've outgrown a pair of my maternity jeans. :( They were from the first pregnancy. I'm sad because #1 they don't fit #2 they were designer jeans. I splurged on them because I figured I would have other children and could use them then. I had no idea my butt would get so big second time around.
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms: Some braxton hicks. Had the worst case yet of heartburn, felt like I was being stabbed in the chest and back. It just laughed at my tums and Zantac.
Movement: She's my dancing queen.
Miss anything? being able to put my pants and shoes on without it being a process.
Belly Button in or out:  flat
This week: I failed my glucose tolerance test.  Just by a little, but enough for them to diagnose me with gestational diabetes  (So much for the thinking only the bigger girls got it.) My hormones have been so out of sorts this time around so I'm not too surprised. I now have to check my blood sugar levels four times a day and really limit my sugar and carbs intake. Our family could stand to eat a little healthier, so I guess we could use this as a starting point. Too bad my main pregnancy cravings are sweets!
 The other night we went out to eat and I had a coupon for the restaurant. The only this is that you didn't know what kind it was until the waiter opened the envelope.Wouldn't ya know it was for a free dessert, exactly what I can't have!!!!
How's daddy doing?: Got all the paint supplies, just needs to get started!!
How's K doing?:  He's excited about his baby sister. Each time he asks for something he reminds me that we will need two. one for him and one for the baby sister.
Looking forward to: another sono next week, never gets old seeing our baby girl!


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Hunter's Mommy said...

Your family and baby belly is adorable, congratulations on the new addition to the family!

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