Like we need anymore equipment!

This is how we spent our Friday afternoon/evening.
In a Pediatric Urgent care center.
K has been struggling with allergies for the last few days. Itchy eyes and a runny nose for the most part but happy and acting normal. Friday afternoon came around and he began to make wheezing sounds and his breathing had increased. He was not in any distress, but this was definitely not normal for K. Immediately the nurse in me kicked in and I knew that slight wheezing and increased breathing could turn into something. bad. fast.
So off to the urgent care center we went. By the the time we got there his respirations had increased to the 60-70 breaths per minute range ( a 2yr old should not be above 40) and his wheezing had increased.  The doctor checked him out and ordered some steroids and a breathing treatment for him. K was not a fan. He threw a huge fit, kicking and screaming. Each time the doctor or nurse came in he would say "away!" then look at us and say "bye bye?"
He felt sooo much better after his treatment. After it was done he said "Daddy hug?" My poor baby!
Now we are not quite sure what caused K breathing problems, but the doctor thinks it could be allergies topped off with a slight cold that put him over the edge. If he continues to have breathing issues we may have to look into the asthma route. :(

So for now we get to take home this nifty nebulizer, to do breathing treatments at home. Yes, the M&M's are part of the bribery treatment. If he does his treatment and takes his medicine he gets to have 5 M&M's!

 Oh one more thing, the doctor and nurses were so impressed with K's listening and speaking. Right after they mentioned that to us K got impatient and yelled "Open the door! Bye Bye!" He was done with this place!

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