Mama Cheese!

My son is just like his father in that he is not a fan of books/reading. This breaks my heart being a book worm myself. He would rather take all the books off his shelf, toss them on the floor, and build something with them. So to try and get him more interested in books I have started making my own. Only they are not really books, but more like photo albums. I  take pictures of things around the house that he is familiar with and put them in an album with a caption underneath them. Later we sit down and "read"/discuss the pictures. All this to help his listening and language skills. The other day I was going around the house taking pictures and this is how it went ...

A simple pic of a beach ball we can talk about the colors, shape, get it.

K  jumps in front of  me and says "Mama cheese!!" Silly boy wanted me to take his picture.

next his cars.

"Mama Cheese!!" Now he wanted me to take a picture of his toes.

His basketball.

again "Mama cheese!!" so I take a picture of his belly

His spoon, mommy's spoon

"Mama cheese!"

His toys.

"Mama Cheese!" His toes again.


This time I said "Kemper cheese!!" and he gave me this adorable little smirk. This kid cracks me up!


Ashlie said...

So stinkin' cute!! What a little ham you've got there on your hands :)

Hope your little guy has started to feel better. What a scary thing for him to have to use that breathing treatment. You are such a good Mom! Let me know how the Claritin works out for you. We are just miserable!

Btw, even though you don't have a girl you are more than welcome to enter my drawing to win a $30 gift card to Nordstrom for Salt Water Sandals. You could always use it for a baby shower or bday gift :) Here's the link:


tammy said...

He is adorable! I love those cheeks! He is getting so big!

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