Time to tell the family

Finding a perfect moment to tell everyone all-together, Helen and I devised a scheme by taking the family's "picture" before the Boston Red Sox baseball game, but instead of making them say "cheese", we came up with something better by making them say "Helen's pregnant!".

Our "trick" to catch Helen's family on video didn't work out as well as planned. Where we were hoping to catch everyone in celebration, we instead got video of everyone staying still for the "picture". Considering my past history of playing jokes on the family, everyone just assumed I was joking around and not being serious, hence the delayed celebration responses. Isa was mad at me because she first thought that pregnancy was not something funny to be joking about. Little did she know that I was indeed telling the truth. Also, baby Nolen was leaving "presents" for his Grandpa, and you can hear Pierre tell the family about the stinkers. At the same time I announced our surprise, Chrissy started yelling "are you serious?", but Grandpa thought she was asking that question to him about Nolen...! Eventually, everybody figured it out and we were off to see the game. Oy vey! ~Kemper

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