It's a Paci Miracle!!

We found it! We thought it was long lost at the mall, but it was at home the entire time. I had gone grocery shopping and while I was taking the groceries inside it magically appeared in the middle of the garage. The place we had looked several times! I had not planned to give it back to him, but before I knew it his dad had sanitized it and given it back to him. I think his daddy missed it just as much as he did! All is right in the world now ;)
Here are some old "Paci" videos Enjoy!

K could always tell the difference between his original paci and the replacements.

One of his first signs "paci"

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PinkLAM said...

So glad you found it! When I was a baby/toddler I used to have a tiny blanket I carried around, and one day we lost it outside and it was never found. I got a replacement just like it, but it was never the same!

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