Dear Terrible Two's:

You have arrived way to early at our home. We do not find hitting or throwing things entertaining. Your tantrums and fits are not impressive either. Please go away.

Baby K's Toddler K's Mommy and Daddy

Here is a video of K's new words  " all done" and "open it " This was taken almost two weeks ago when he first started saying them, so they were not as clear. This video also shows a tame version of his "Stinker" side. 

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Jen said...

This is my first time to your blog...and story.
I have twin girls, born 5 months early @ 23 weeks.
One of my daughters last her hearing to some of the medicines they used to save her life as a preemie.

She has profound hearing loss in an BAER but severe in a behavioral booth. She was just diagnosed with AN {Auditory Neuropathy}. She currently wears bilateral hearing aids but our team is very much discussing a CI.

Has it worked well for your family?
Would you change anything?
Any suggestions?

Thank you

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