Three Bears

Baby K has a little reputation as being a "bear" at times and it has become one of his many nicknames. The term colicky has been an understatement these last few months. His fussiness and nonstop crying after trying everything about made me want to call CPS on myself! Although as he heads toward the four month mark it is getting a little better, more smiling less crying. So I find it funny that almost all the stuffed animals given to him are bears. The two pictured here are very special to me. The white one was given to me by my Godmother when I was a little girl. I loved it so much that my mom saved it for me after all these years. She sewed and cleaned it up and gave it back to me to give to Baby K. The brown bear pictured was also a present from my Godmother. It is a special bear that came from her church. It has spent time in the congregation, listened to scriptures read, sermons preached, songs of praise sung, and he is here now to offer Baby K comfort and peace with all the blessings of worship and love. So thoughtful. I look forward to the day when Baby K can pass these special bears off to his own little "bears"!

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