Step Two : MRI

Getting prepared with Daddy Loves the blinking lights

It's been a looong day. I went to bed around 11pm the night before and woke up around 1am thinking about Baby K's MRI. I was then awoken at 4am by Baby K, he was having a party in his crib that I was unaware I was invited to. This party lasted until 5:30 am not leaving me much time to sleep because my alarm was set for 6:15am so we could make it to the hospital by 7 to check in. His actual MRI was scheduled for 8am, but the anesthesiologist that was going to sedate him was stuck in surgery so we didn't get started until 8:45, not so good since Baby K was not allowed to eat prior to the MRI. The nurses got him all settled in, weighing him and taking his vital signs. I was then allowed to carry him into the MRI room and hold him as they began to sedate him. Being a nurse I knew what to expect but it still saddened me as I felt him go limp in my arms. The MRI lasted about an hour and then we were allowed to see him. He was all bundled up in warm blankets looking as cute as ever. It took him a good while to fully wake up. He had to be awake and able to eat some before we could go home. He was so tired he could hardly cry. He just made little cat like noises that just broke your heart. Finally he was awake and eating enough that we able to go home around 11. The doctors warned us that he might be very sleepy and sleep for 3-4 hours when we got home. I thought well good I need a nap, but no Baby K was wide awake only taking two 30 min naps the entire day until he finally tuckered out at 10pm! He had the opposite reaction to the anesthesia and he was very hyperactive, just wanting to play. Now I just hope he will sleep most of the night. We should have his results some time next week until then I think I'm going to be a nervous wreck!

*Pause music at bottom*


tammy said...

So glad everything went well with his MRI ... one more step down. And baby K looks SO cute with his hearing aids! This was a hard step for me too, because like you said, it made it real, but they will be so good to get his auditory nerves stimulated! Good luck with the hearing aids!

Lucas'Mommy said...

So glad everything went well! And I hope you get the results soon! That was agonizing for me. You guys are well on your way!

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