Baby K has slept the entire night (10-7am) the last five nights in a row!! The last two nights he slept in his crib in his room like a big boy. I'm not sure what made the change from waking up every 3-4 hours to sleeping trough the night. There are several possibilities:

1. Just turned 3 months
2. Trip to visit MeMe in San Angelo over the weekend. He gets soo much attention and is spoiled rotten by his Grandmother.
3. I took him to a pediatric Chiropractor from the advise of my sister & mother-in-law. I had never heard of taking a baby to a chiropractor but Baby K had been sooo colicky, never took naps during the day, and hardly slept at night so I was willing to give it a try. I honestly think it did the trick because after his treatment he took a nap and then slept a full seven hours that night. Hallelujah!!!

The real question is, How long is it going to last??

Getting ready for bed

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tammy said...

Congrats on sleeping through the night! What a milestone at 3 mths old! Maybe he can come teach Aiden, who is now 16 mths, how to do it! LOL!

Just catching up and saw you found out baby K is a Connexin 26 baby. I know the day we found out Aiden's loss was due to LVAS was like a huge brick taken off my chest. I couldn't help but always wonder WHY, WHAT, HOW ... Glad you found peace of mind too.

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