Unexpectedly Expecting!!

We are very happy to announce that are expecting our first child mid April! We have always been in agreement that both wanted children and that we wanted to be married for at least one year before we began trying. So a few weeks after our 1 year anniversary in July we brought the subject up again and both agreed that we would like to start trying for a family after the New Year, little did we know I was already pregnant! In our discussion about having children Kemper told me that when the time came and I found out I was pregnant that he wanted me to surprise him and not tell him flat out. The night I found out Kemper had just came back in town from a trip to San Angelo. It was late and didn't have anything planned so I debated on telling him without the surprise, but decided not to in the end. All night I was awake with excitement still in shock and trying to come up with a creative plan. I had just started this blog about a month before I found out I was pregnant and Kemper being the computer nerd, I mean computer man, helped me out so it was not uncommon for me to show him what I had posted each time. So when Kemper came home for lunch that day I told him I had a slide show that I wanted him to see. Little did he know it was a slide show that read out WE ARE HAVING A BABY, with pictures of the positive pregnancy tests. He had no idea because we already discussed we would wait until after the new year. I took a video with my camera ( he though I was just messing with it) and you can see what I like to call his horrified happiness. I was a little nervous so my sweaty hands fogged up the camera.

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