Time to tell the Family Part two

*Mom remember to pause the music at the bottom!

Telling our families about the baby in person was very important to us so we made a special trip to San Angelo to tell Kemper's side of the family. We decided to do the " say Helen's pregnant" video trick again to see their response. Kemper's grandmother got it right away while everyone else was a little delayed like my family. They too thought he was kidding and didn't want to move in fear of ruining the "picture". Kemper's mother's response was "I knew it!!" She said that when she saw me when we arrived in San Angelo she had a feeling and thought I looked a little different, but dismissed it and continued on with her hello's. If your wondering why there is a shot of the Luby's sign at the end of the video, it is because that is where we had dinner previous to telling the fam. Why Luby's? Well Kemper's sister Jill happened to be eating at Luby's with Kemper's mother each time she told the news of her pregnancies so we decided it would be funny to keep that tradition alive. It was harder than we thought. Kemper's mother knows he prefers Mexican food so his mother kept asking us "why Luby's? are you sure ya'll want to eat at Lubys? we don't have to eat at Lubys" so we had to tell her that Kemper had a craving for chicken fried steak just to make sure she didn't figure it out.

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