Tummy Tracker 17-18 weeks


How far along?:  17 weeks
Weight gain: 8 total
Cravings:  salads, tomato juice, limes
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms: still peeing ALL. THE. TIME. heartburn, headaches every day :(
Movement: Starting to feel some movements, forgot how much I missed them!
Gender prediction:  team pink
This week:  Had appointment with OB, all checked out well. Heart beat 145
How's daddy doing?:  hasn't slowed down on the nesting, I love it ;)
 How's K doing?: Talks about the baby more. "when your belly gets bigger and bigger then we take it out!!"


How far along?:  18 weeks
Weight gain: 8 total
Cravings:  salads, tomato juice, pickles and Rocky Road ice cream
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans, although I did get out my old maternity clothes and they seem a little smaller this time around :(
Stretch marks? : nope
Symptoms:  heartburn, still having headaches every day. Insomnia. Hip pains while sleeping.
Miss anything? sleeping on my stomach and flat on my back.
Movement: Felt some really good kicks, even a flip!
Gender prediction:  team pink, that was my dentists prediction!
Belly Button in or out: both!
This week:  didn't get much done these headaches are killing me. My blood pressure is fine, I've been drinking water and most days getting some rest. Must be the hormones.
How's daddy doing?:  being awesome and supportive, can't believe this pregnancy is going by so fast.
 How's K doing?:  I think he is getting us ready for the baby. He normally wakes up at least once a night and goes back to bed pretty quick. This week he was up 2-3 times a night and staying up for 2-3 hours. Ugh!! 
 He has also stared talking to my belly all on his own. Maybe he knows something we don't. Can she/he hear us?? You know what they say about children...  Praying for those ear hair cells!!!
Looking forward to: next sonogram, we find out the sex and make sure everything is growing just right. I'll admit I'm a little nervous too.

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