PINK or BLUE??!!!!

Monday we had our full anatomy scan for the baby. Everything checked out great, growing as he/she should be. In fact there is a lot of growing going on because we are measuring 5 days ahead! I'm not surprised though because K had always measured ahead. Our doctor was also able find out the sex of the baby. We had her put the results in an envelope and seal them up. After the appointment I immediately took the envelope to my older sister so he could start working on the reveal.

We had originally planned to have all our family come over on Friday for dinner and reveal the gender but I couldn't wait. I called my sisters and told them to meet up at my parents house that night.

K and his cousin Nolan were so excited about our little party. Surprisingly both of them were saying/wanting a girl.

My older sister Maria was the only person to know the results ahead of time. She put colored confetti in a black balloon so that K could pop it and reveal the gender. Kemper was more than happy with the job he was assigned. He had his toothpick ready to pop that balloon.



POP  !!

It's a GIRL!!!!!!

I absolutely love the look on their faces. They couldn't believe the confetti was PINK! just what they wanted.

So excited!! I'd had a feeling It was going to be a girl, but I still can't believe it is! I've gotten so use to being a boy momma so all this pink seems so unfamiliar!
My husbands response: " So I guess I have to pay for a wedding now?" typical guy fashion;)

My mom had to call her mom immediately. Apparently this past summer my grandmother had told her to expect a granddaughter soon. Guess she was right!!!
 My sweet Nephew Nolan wanted to save some of the confetti. He wants a sibling so bad. His teacher even mentioned that he was telling people that he was going to be a big brother. After the reveal was over we heard him say "Kemper, our sister is gonna love us." Bless his heart!! I told my sister that she needs to get on the ball!!

The potty shot as proof! ;)

This is my 12 week sonogram. I showed it to my girlfriend Katie and she immediately guessed it was a girl because the "nub" was parallel to the spine based on the "nub theory"   Guess she was right too!

All signs pointed to girl but yet it was still a surprise in the end.
We can't wait to meet her!!!!

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