Tummy Tracker weeks 13-14

How far along?:  13 weeks
Weight gain: none ( 4 total)
Cravings: orange juice, salsa, sweets
Maternity clothes:  occasionally an old pair of maternity jeans
Symptoms: tired, major growing pains! tail bone hurts?, back hurts, pelvis feels like it's gonna break in two. I've now gone from slight nausea, to getting sick each day.
Gender prediction: can't wait until January to find out!!
This week: It's been a rough week. Just when I thought my symptoms were going to ease up by my 13th week they have increased instead.
How's daddy doing?:Has gone into full Clark Griswold mode, getting the house ready for Christmas.
How's K doing?: He will randomly come up to me and lift my shirt to show my belly and pat my pooch, then just walk off. Cracks me up.

can't get enough!


How far along?:  14 weeks
Weight gain: none ( 4 total)
Cravings: orange juice, salsa, sweets
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans
Symptoms: tired, still have terrible growing pains. Ugh, I never hurt this bad with K. Some days I feel like I'm 9 months along. Not sure what this all about, shouldn't my body all stretched out from the last time?
Gender prediction:  Hurry up January! Visions of nurseries dancing in my head.
This week:  It's my birthday!! Starting to feel old. Especially when I see AMA (advanced maternal age)written on all my pregnancy paperwork. 
 My husband and I went out to eat with some friends that are also expecting their second child a week before us. Afterwards we stopped by my work Holiday party.
How's daddy doing?: He's excited about the baby, says he can't decide which girl name out of our list he likes best, but he has made a decision on our boy name. 
How's K doing?: He's getting ready for this baby too. After going into our spare bedroom (currently used as storage) he said " mommy and daddy you need to clean the baby's room, it's a mess!!

 Surprise delivery of Sprinkles Cupcakes I received from my husband. Just what a pregnant lady craving sweets needs on her birthday!


tammy said...

OMG Congratulations!!! Such cute pictures and ideas of how to tell family too! So excited for you and your family!

Morgan's Mommy said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! It will be exciting to follow along. Thanks for sharing.

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