Tummy Tracker 15-16 weeks

How far along?:  15 weeks
Weight gain:  This week ??( 4 total)
Cravings:  salads, tomato juice (actually would really love a bloody Mary)
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans
Symptoms:  nausea, heartburn ( seems too early for me. At this rate my kid is gonna come out looking like a gorilla!!), headaches ( never had them with K)
Gender prediction:  ?? seriously it changes every day.
This week:  Think I felt my first flutters! I felt my first ones with K at 16weeks and they say second time around  some feel them sooner.
How's daddy doing?: Started talking to my belly, just in case ;) We have a 75% chance this baby can hear.
How's K doing?: loves to randomly come up and kiss my belly. He also has started to try to use my belly as a stepping stool when he climbs all over me.

How far along?:  16 weeks
Weight gain:  This week ??( 4 total)
Cravings:  salads, tomato juice, limes
Maternity clothes:   maternity jeans
Symptoms:  nausea- dare I say has gone away!!??, heartburn, headaches every day :(
Gender prediction:  boy
This week:  Felt my first little thump. I was leaning on the bathroom counter and I guess he/she didn't like being squished!
How's daddy doing?: "Wow you seem to be getting a lot bigger faster this time around."
Me: "Thanks?"
How's K doing?: Forget about the baby Santa is coming in a few days!
Next appointment: December 27, no sono though :(

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Kate Reedy said...

Love this!!! You are looking great and am so glad the nausea is diminishing!!! Can't wait to know if Kemper is having a baby sister or baby brother!

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