The summer of firsts Part 1

Fall is now upon us. Time to put away the pool toys and start enjoying the cooler weather. I'll admit I'm usually sad to see summer go. Summer has always been my favorite season but this year I'm really excited about fall. I can't wait to take Kemper to the pumpkin patch, out trick-or-treating, spend Thanksgiving with the family.... So before get all wrapped up in Fall and I forget, it's time to do our summer recap. It was way too fun to leave out.

It was a summer of many firsts for Kemper. So many special moments and experiences. I think he grew up so much this summer. It's bitter sweet watching my baby grow into a little boy.

 K's first airplane ride.
 I have a very close family, so soon after my cousin announced she was getting married we booked a flight to Florida. All of our family was going to be there so we decided to extend our tip past the wedding and make it our first family vacation.

Even though this was his first big trip he acted like a a seasoned traveler. Passing his time playing on the iPhone with his girlfriend Minnie on his side. ( she's another story on her own) ;)

We decided to splurge a little, so Kemper also had his first time flying first class.
He loved eating dinner on the plane. He's gonna be in total shock the next time we fly and we are sitting in coach without a hot dinner.

As soon as we landed we headed to the beach. We just left everything in the car and made a run for it. I almost got teary-eyed watching his first time putting his toes in the beach sand.

After a quick trip to the beach we met up with my parents. They had rented a few condos on the beach for the rest of our family. This was K's first time ever to stay at a hotel/Condo. He loved it, he kept calling it our "Florida house" He was so excited that his cousin "lived" next door, and that if he went one more door down he was at his grandmas "house"!

It was wonderful. we could open our front door and see the pool and beach.

Once we unpacked our bags it was time to head to the beach again. K got to build his first sand castle and take his first dip in the ocean. It had taken us about an hour to convince him to go in the water but then it took us two hours to try and get him out!!

Kemper and his cousin digging for buried treasure. They are both really into pirates and treasure so they were excited to find the chest of gold that my sister had buried earlier. ;)

 X marks the spot!!
 K kept singing the theme song from the cartoon Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Yo Ho mateys away...!

Just some of the fam. hanging out on the beach.

Father like son.  All lubed up in sunscreen and practically covered from head to toe. Those whities don't stand a chance in the sun!

It was so beautiful. Can we go back?!

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tammy said...

I loved catching up on your blog! Kemper is getting so big and has definitely lost all baby looks! Such a cute little boy! Sounds like he is doing amazing. Can you send me an email offline? I talked with a mom the other day whose little four year old boy just rec'd his first CI in May and I believe she lives in the same area. She's looking for more local people to talk to and get guidance/support from. My email is aidensmom0317 at gmail. Thanks!

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