Pre K

Kemper just wrapped up his first week of Pre K at our Regional School for the Deaf. I can't say that he was excited about it, but he did really well and is adjusting nicely.

 Very first day, with his sweet nervous smile.

 I walked him to his class and as I said my goodbye, I saw his big brown eyes fill up with tears.  I told him " I love you and you are going to have a great day." He took in a deep breath trying to hold in his tears and just said  "okay" with a choked up voice, then he puffed up his chest like he was going into battle and walked in his room. He was so brave! I had to put my sunglasses on to hide my tears.

The Friday before school started Kemper had "meet the teacher". It took us about an hour to get him in the car. He wasn't interested in anything that had to do with school. After we finally arrived at the school his Aunt Maria and his grandmother Wela surprised him by showing up. My sister is the nephew whisperer and she can get this kid to do about anything. Within a few minutes he was all about the school and showing her and Wela around.

K giving his tour, he really likes the "competers"

K with his teacher Mrs. Adams. Showing us his new square with his name on it for circle time.

Checking out the library. He even found a book that he already wants to check out. He loves the Max and Ruby book series.

Each day Kemper's teacher sends home a list of what they did for the day and a brief note on how he is doing. I was so excited to get this note telling me how he's become the leader of the class. She also sent me one telling me how he is beginning to play with the other children and initiate play. This is huge for our extremely shy child. He has been needing a little help with his social skills and this is the perfect place for him to work on them.

Just when we thought school was going off with out a hitch, after school one day I opened up K's backpack to find my husbands Rifleman magazine sitting on top of his folders. My heart sank. I know we live in Texas and the subject of guns is not that uncommon, but a gun magazine is not exactly preschool reading material. I can only imagine what his teacher was thinking when she saw that in his bag. I was so embarrassed. After some investigation it turns out that my husband had left the magazine at my parents house and my sister happened to see it there and decided to put t in K's backpack so that it would make its way back home. Too bad she forgot to mention it to me!

 In all I'm so thankful that K had a great first week. There were no meltdowns and even though I know he would have rather stayed home with mommy, he still had a good time. I think he will do well and this is exactly what he needs to get ready to be mainstreamed by Kindergarten.

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