Happy Valentines Day!

                             I saw these cute little projects on Pinterest so I had to try them out myself.

Funny thing is that K has had a thing for mustaches lately.
A couple of our family members have one and I think that is where he got the idea.
He  keeps telling me he wants one so I made it happen. ;)

 I made these lollipop mustaches for the kids in his mothers day out class. 
He got a kick out of modeling them for me.
You know he liked them since he let me take his picture!

oh and lollipop lips for the girls.
Hope they like them!

They were so easy to make.
I just traced the shapes I found online into some "foam paper", cut them out, and poked a hole for the lollipop.

We have a family date planned for Valentines. What could be better than dinner with both of my loves??

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Sarah said...

How fun! We did something similar courtesy of Pinterest as well. We used adhesive felt to cut out the mustache, though. I love the lollipop idea. I'm sure that I will make them again at some point with my crew of 3 boys. I'll have to remember the lollipops in the future.

I hope you are well!


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