Not a great start to the New Year

Well we didn't quite start the New Year as expected, but we still plan on making the best of it! I  was originally scheduled to work at the hospital on New Years Eve, so we spent the day before hanging out as a family, celebrating the New Year a little early. That evening we decided to take K to his favorite restaurant,  Joe's Crab Shack. On the way there K fell asleep in the car. This hardly ever happens, I think I can count the number of times on one hand. He was a little grouchy waking up, but perked up one he recognized where we were. He was not very talkative, but was acting pretty normal.
The food arrived at our table and K didn't want anything to do with it, he didn't even  want a single sip of his juice. This is when I knew something was going on. By the time we got home K already had a  low grade fever. He was still acting pretty normal so I gave him some Tylenol and sent him to bed. My hubby and I spent the rest of the evening watching K on the baby monitor and the ball dropping in New York on TV. Not the most exciting New Year but at least we were together.
  Overnight I watched him like a hawk and he did well. Although when he woke up he was miserable. Poor child could hardly speak and I could feel the heat radiating off him.

Since it was new years Day K's pediatrician was closed, so off to the acute care clinic we went.Thankfully we didn't have to wait long before we were seen. My poor K was so sick , he was beginning to drool a little bit because it hurt so bad to swallow. I immediately told them my suspicion of him having strep throat. They swabbed his throat and ten  minutes later came back with the diagnosis. Strep Throat. :( We got our prescription for amoxicillin and  headed on home.

The next day after two doses of antibiotics and a good nights sleep we had a new kid. A really hungry kid might I add. He had not eaten hardly anything in over 24hrs. " Mama I hungry, I want some phood." First thing he asked for were pancakes. So I made him a batch of Mickey Mouse pancakes. We spent the rest of the day quarantined to the house sharing our coodies. Like I said it wasn't the most exciting New Years, but I had both my boys at my side and  I'm content with just that.
Hope everyone has a happy and HEALTHY new year!!


Ashlie said...

What a good mommy!! Hope your little man feels 100% real soon. Happy New Year!

Emily said...

Oh no! Strep throat is no fun! Hope K feels better soon and you guys have a wonderful 2012!

Sarah said...

Hi There, Helen! It was so good to hear from you!!!

Your little Kemper is positively precious! What an inspiration he is! I went back and read some old posts to fill myself in on his story. I was moved to tears by that sweet boy (and his equally sweet Mama)!

I am so grateful for a new way to stay connected with you!

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