Look how much my pumpkin has grown!!

As you can tell it's pumpkin patch time again! We took K last year but he was only six months old. The poor kid couldn't even sit up alone. He had his hearing aids at the time but was not receiving any benefit from them. So I guess you can say last years trip to the pumpkin patch was for mommy and daddy.This year he's a walking, talking, hearing little boy and the trip was for him!

He had a blast, so much to see and do as a big boy! It's amazing how much difference a year makes ( and 8 months of hearing!!)

A visit from Pumpkin Patch past and present:

                                 2010                                                2009
Where did my baby go?

2010                                                     2009
Once again he loved the barrel ride. Each time we passed his father he would shout out "Hi daddy, hi daddy!!!
He was still interested in all the animals, as long as they didn't get too close!

2010                                                         2009
I  kinda miss those sweet cheeks and double chin!

and we thought we had no energy then...

Kemper and his cousin Nolan, no more babies here!

Best Buds! Nolan is almost exactly 1 year older than K. My sister and I love having them so close in age.

Can you tell the difference in these two pictures?
Apparently K  is NOT a fan of goats!

 Not quite sure what was so funny, but I bet it had to do with daddy.

He wanted on the tractor, but he didn't want me to take his picture.
"I'm gonna huff and puff..."

The boys with my oldest sister Maria. We call her the "Nephew Whisperer" because she's the only one who can keep these boys in line!
Hey ride!

I still can't get over how much my pumpkin has grown!!

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