I'm an idiot!

Why is there a fireman trying to get into my car you ask? Because I'm an idiot that locked my 18mo old son in the car. I probably shouldn't be making this post because CPS might be banging on my door soon.

 Here's the story so you don't make the same stupid mistake:

We had just left K's Gymboree class and K was whining to carry my keys, so um yeah I let him.(red flag #1) I showed him the button to unlock the doors and he did.(red flag #2) I then loaded him up in his car seat but forgot to get the keys from him. (red flag #3) I got out of the car and shut the door and right as I put my hand on the drivers door I heard the click of the doors locking. K had pushed the lock button. My heart sank.

I pleaded with him to push the unlock button, and bless his heart he tried to do what mommy said, but he just kept pushing the lock button. Then he would try to hand them to me.  Luckily it was 72 degrees outside and not 100, but I still didn't know how long it would take for the car to heat up so I called 911.

They arrived within five minutes, but they could not jimmy my car to get the locks open. Apparently BMW has succeeded in making my car impossible to break into. While the four firemen tried every which way to unlock my car K sat there patiently watching them.  Although he soon grew bored with them and he decided to entertain himself. He took off his shoes, next his socks, and then one of his hearing processors.( unfortunately the other processor had fallen off earlier) Then the following conversation occurred :

Fireman: " Do you think you can try talking him into pushing the unlock button again?"

Me : "I can try but he can't hear me anymore."

FM : very confused look on his face." He can't hear anymore?"

Me: " He's deaf, but he has cochlear implants that allow him to hear, but they have fallen off."

FM:  still confused look on his face "Oh."
I don't think he had a clue as to what I was talking about.

Finally after what felt like forever they finally unlocked my car.They had to break my passenger side window.
 Good times.

I then pulled my happy but very sweaty toddler out of the car. His Gymboree teacher gave him a bottle of water and  some animal crackers. He was in hog heaven, no clue as to what just happened. He loved the attention he got from the fireman as they asked all about his cochlear implants. After a brief in-service on C.I's we were on our way.

 Lesson Learned.

Do not let your child play with your car keys. Stop trying to multitask all the time. Focus on the one task at hand. You have very precious cargo.


The Brights said...

Although laughing now, I am sure it wasn't very amusing at the time...

K is going to chuckle when you tell him about this when he's older!

Glad all turned out okay, minus the broken window!

Kirsten: said...

Oh No! Glad everything turned out well for mommy and K!

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