First words

Here are some videos of K saying his first words. He began saying "Ma ma" right before mothers day. It was the best gift ever.

K's first two word sentence "Da da hat"

Words K is saying at 14mo (3.5 mo hearing)
* out
* Hi
* Bye
* ight (light)
* up
* uh oh
* all done
* eye

Each time he goes into a dark room or sees a closed window he points and says "ight"
(Sometimes he will get the "L", we're working on it;) If you listen closely I think he tries to repeat "tip toes" after I say it.


Lily's Mom said...

He is soooo cute! He is saying a lot of words for 3 months hearing. Isn't it so exciting?

Jessica Delk said...

So's almost like he was never not hearing! He is such a cutie!

tammy said...

Way to go!!! What great videos and I agree, he's saying so much for only being 3.5 months hearing! Aiden has always loved lights and fans and light was one of his first words too. Still today we can't walk into a room without him saying light on. Baby K is so dang cute! I miss this age already!

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